G'day g'day fellas welcome back to deep don't IO also laser beams ty IO game of the week or fortnight or when every feels like uploading but, we're back with deep do play dis like a month ago sick game had some updates there's deep sea there's this angular fish and we can pick which fish, we start with why would I be a worm I'm going to be this thing because it kind of looks like a, manatee I'm going to be bit oh it's a.

Blob fish and we start in the deep sea sea there's there's deep sea there's normalcy.

And then there's sky so I will be in the normal sea at some point but we're starting in the deep sea.

And I may be a bitch but it's kind of scary because there's like angle fish come one side that's an angle fish I just jinxed myself god, damn laser beam you moron how did I know it was going to be there oh oh stingray, you know an Australian will not die or see an Australian just tied to a stingray you alright. I'm gonna start off as a worm now I'm a little worm and worm worm see the capo about the worm is they can go through all the. All the earth like this sorry I'm in the dirt I don't know what this evolved into a. Butterfly a sea butterfly I don't know how evolution work I just know I'm getting some balls all that Worman balls worm and balls. Good combination yeah I don't think anything is going to be able to kill me as I'm, a worm because I can just, go what am i net I'm a king crab yo so worms become crabs alright well now I'm. A king crab so that's pretty cool still a deep sea fish day so it's a bit spooky it's picky I'm about to evolve again night what do. I become next drum roll please I got some balls now I miss jellyfish you know what's, hard the best way to gain experience is killing other players but because it's deep-sea.

I can't see ah holy look at all these also I mean ball heaven also known as lays been with his pants, off damn Shawn yeah eat them ball my strategy is the same is like before the update just eat balls wait am I stuck no not put on the squid down. I'm still a deep-sea fish apparently I. Think squids a deep-sea fish but maybe now let's go to the normal ocean a wall is heaps different food food cool well there's heaps different the balls, here a green the crazy difference the look at the experience holy oh well what. Do I come next now I'm a seagull well that was cool quick I'm gonna drown gonna drown flying killer whales but I do recall last time I played this game, I ate seagulls I think.

I found a good way to level up as a seagull though I'm just trolling for berries mine, mine mine mine mine mine mine berries Moin Moin oh it's a good life day oh oh oh that whale just killed 105 80 elder I tried to eat the whales off. But I just shat on him I know you might be into that some people like being shat on I'm. One of them too much information on that yeah it's actually not too bad I'm less than up, pretty easy as a seagull help he's stuck hahaha it's the Beast, while oh we better get some tea and tea and blow him up oh wow he's free cool crab crab crab crab killer crab kill the crab yes I, got my first kill and now I'm a stingray man I'm triggered I'm triggered I say it, every time I become a stingray but making an Australian a stingray it's not okay it's unacceptable but, this one's really easy to level up because you just eat some four, ball you don't have to worry about oxygen no stupid bloody bird floorball and we can eat a squid too if we want kill the squid yes now. I'm playing the game properly I'm actually killing stuff I only need a hundred thousand more points and I'm. On the leaderboard I need like one point 1 million more for, number one though for six we'll see if we get there yeah let's make what's HAP sex and have baby stingrays yes or balls yeah well I'm about, to level up forget little one cool cool yes so I just killed a jellyfish, and now I can choose to be a beaver or an anglerfish let's go yes the dream has come true I'm a, predator I'm an ugly anglerfish ugliest fish in the ocean it's like if laser beam was a, fish oh that hurt me okay I've gotta head to the deep sea with the angler fish all right then still to spawn of food if someone eats it the next. Hit you deal will cause 50% more damage all cool device it's still more the tip of me, head the tip of me head looks like a food so someone, might try and eat it and then I pass well the angle official like the creepy dudes, with white bands of the ocean do you want to come back my food trust me yes good the anglerfish are the, creepers of the ocean oh I get I start to die if I go for go out of. The deep sea that's hardcore man hardcore well they're both trying to fight me come on I've got, him on the road come on give me what ah this sucks what does an anglerfish is hard apparently oh wow it's got poisoned and I think I. Might die are you oh come on you know you want to, play with my ball you know you want to have just a little nibble just a little level it doesn't seem like nothing wants to eat my ball oh no I'm gonna kill this crab, now all the crab became a jellyfish, I'll go to Mum low health with the er they just dip off almost got him I ate him oh my god. It feels good to be a predator again you can run but you can't oh you're using up here oh I found your boy I found you well what's, the seagull Oh quick pin this guy oh you you tonight you you aren't going anywhere boy you. Stole my squid I'm gonna trap you here forever you stole my squid no debt dafuq he got free there's. It there's a squid he's trapped he's trapped got him got him I like how's a little ball, thing has not worked for me once how does.

It work the single time I try it for a long-ass time too but it doesn't look like I.

Don't know what the game wants me to do kill to the crab but I don't think I. Get a lot of experience for these but I'm gonna go try and kill it anyway be careful where you go or you made a mistake you made a mistake oh now I got his eye ass I, got his eye yeah I don't need much more I'm just probably gonna eat these blue balls whatever they. Are you know what honestly like that, ball on a stick thing didn't work me once I trapped a couple of people but doing our ball thing maybe my balls just. Not attractive what do you reckon is my ball attractive which would you would you try and floor it oh oh I just love it up though I'm a penguin bitch happy. Feet bitch okay I'm not the right habitat I've got to go. Back up to natural in actually I think I have to go to where it's cold I think I got to, go to the left side of the map oh here we go penguins live in cold water swim to the, left of the map well I did that oh and yes I can just go back to eating for balls I'm on, I'm on I'm on my mom that can't Angwin even kill anything so I feel like four balls are my only, hope oh I am so close to leader ball. Two it shouldn't take me more for balls oh happy it oxygen – I didn't realize but, quick so much food Oh although this igloos get oxygen oh my god ok what should I become next is that a seal, hammerhead shark or a whale I'm going to become a seal I'm a leopard seal as fast as a penguin. But deadlier oh cool and now I can kill penguins unless I launched myself off the map and now. Apparently I can walk come on now get back to water what let leopard seals can fly guys right evolution is crazy now I guess I've got a hunt penguin those cute little adorable animals., I'm gonna murder him yeah well where am I going now oh my god I went too far or cool penguin penguin kill it. Kill the penguin get all the penguin I'm coming penguin go down dinner dinner got a murder penguin got a killer penguin go up our killer oil no almost got my penguin up again but. These guys are, stealing me ball get away these are laser beams booth come on baby you got it you got it I'm getting chased by one okay what up gray do, I want let's go hammerhead shark stupidest looking fish in the ocean to go with the stupidest looking youtuber I can eat I, can eat people ready eat jump on my arm holy yes ever since I first played this game I wanted to eat people. This is a terrine I'm in heaven oh they look like little girls to like little baby girls mom mom.

Ah what a lovely day yeah I'm just sitting at the top of the. Ocean just with my mouth open look ah what's it how does the killer whale hug me and he's meant what what, no what the was that okay I better run. Bitch holler okay don't question it I'm alive just praise shark Jesus just praise shark Jesus, oh look at this huh it's like a family vacation oh oh oh my god oh oh oh my god, what I just ate a whole school excursion of kiss and dingo ate my fish is on the leaderboard Oh what's Maurice what's this Oh eat those fish eat, those seagulls I mean they're good experience ready going in yeah yeah well some fun easy experience sick ready let's go up again almost I collided with. A seagull well that was awesome man I killed so many people crap oh baby one more yes, now I am a great white shark oh my god I am the largest animal in the ocean oh yeah no one can. Talk with me now no one can hurt laser beam now I'm the, king of the ocean I'm the great white shark my name's Bruce I, like eating people now there's no point in trying to gain experience anymore all we should care about is trying, to eat other place that's what I'm going to do boom know them murder them no no turn killer well can I be a killer whale oh I think we like, the same enemy you know oh no I think I define it dark I think why do you see me catapult that whale, to the moon it's gonna end, up like wheels yak Oh we're better hammerhead can I eat a hammerhead come on come on get him I can do this all day oh I got a nibble he but. Oh what turnable he played he's feeling he's feeling the burn almost got him oh I ain't giving up buddy, I can smell the blood there's blood in that layer water oh don't you take. It from oh you talk oh now I'm gonna eat your ass boy now I'm gonna eat your ass come on you're what I want it anyway here we go, kill the whale battle okay I've got lies. I don't know if I'd win this battle no no no no how, did it happen oh you know I really I really can't recommend these headphones enough but how much I throw them around I'm amazed they still work okay well I, became the biggest fishing deep dude I oh go off the bloody like button if you enjoyed it you're all a, bunch of bloody legends and as always kids both .