Hey everybody I'm lit with a capital B welcome back to deep data we're really playing the pearl defense today and I'm going to try the best we can. To have a lot of fun with it it's been a lot quicker now that people understand how to play it better it goes really really quick so we're gonna, start off I guess we're gonna start with a worm right away and hey I loaded up into first place on the. Team great Oh Mario lamprey that's really cool hey wait a minute there's two, blitzes on our team how does that work what, you wouldn't mind I'm that I'm the number four place to live I'm not even the best one I'm not. Even the blood but best blitz in the game weird anyway I were going to try to rock and roll and, have some fun with this try to dominate there we go jellyfish already I'm gonna go down and blue there's another jellyfish hello our, green jellyfish okay take this guy out aha oh he hit me, that's not good one good thing is you do keep being a jellyfish that other blitz man I wonder if he's the real one you think, is the real one fit he is yeah cuz I'm definitely not right now wow look at their team is significantly better than ours well I'm just gonna. Vacuum all this up oh hello oh I got one goodnight and stay still no might not work and there we go okay hello. Oh a nice hit there, Oh got you again alright alright I can do this oh hello hello big pigeon oh wait how do I didn't realize that little duck that's funny I'm gonna keep going down we're gonna go across, here oh I'm not letting you out oh maybe that's bad, idea that's a bad idea oh no man I've died twice already so much for trying to be good guess that's what happens, when I try pushing way on their side of the face. Are their side of the map when there's no other people around the help yeah should probably stay in a school. Of fish or penguin pigeons see pigeon oh you're kidding me I realize I died what. A terrible what a terrible excuse for a game today I can't do nothing right there we go hit that play gonna be array now let's try to. Go just go kind of kill some sharks on shark pool there we go aha got you little love tap oh we could play this what are you doing why, would you try to do that it doesn't. Make any sense he turned around after it was already damaged again I see something coming up right over here who if you attack okay, oh no no says I hey you know what I can do against I know I'm a beaver I didn't realize I was gonna be, a beaver already hello beaver friend can, play a chicken oh how does that work seriously how does that work with do people are smashing each other in the face of one guys I, don't get it heyy there's a turtle there's another beaver think that wasn't friendly green people oh I know where, that like I can't get away too far yeah oh I hit him okay this is our spot you. Think it's oh I got him that time yes kill me and now let's be the sea turtle sea turtles, armor reduces and we don't get the stuff on the floor I want to be um I think it's gyuki's oh hell oh no oh hey thank you for. The boost thank you for the boost and there's a shark a shark all the, way o shark nice come here oh I didn't know like, it's worth like that okay let's see is there okay another Marion Big Island eating all the. People now right I'm a I'm a people eater I'm a purple a hammerhead a purple leader and I think I'm actually the max level maggot don't know why did I pick, hammerhead I want to be a Marlin tell you what I am gonna do though I'm, gonna attempt to steal this gem something right here Wow hey I hit it I hit it hopefully oh it hurts so bad the, tickles it tickles too spine hey buddy you go do it Jerusalem and I, will back you up ha take it take it out wait this is your Tinky okay got it buddy go go go oh don't forget yes let's go, red pearl red proton Oh bad sea turtle oh I got you I'm gonna, I'm gonna coming to catch you yeah yes oh no no now I can level up I'm gonna hit this one how do you like these bananas huh No, Oh No you got the thingy hey attacker tomorrow oh you turn. Into the worst thing in the game congratulations I don't know if you're understood that tacos oh wow, hello oh I should have been that blue one that's okay we'll take it oh wow stone fish whatever going it over red guy donut Oh red. Team's pearl and the polar bear polar bear come. On Oh hit him hit him no pull of it No ha I'm gonna block I'm gonna block hey it's me it's me go let's go no dude girl. Greet ya na shot no no no, no don't kill blitz don't you're blitz yes it's I wonder if he's the real one I should ask him oh no no no oh yes ace work are you the real it I don't, know he died but I got it that's awesome okay I'm gonna go. Back and see if I can get this pearl oh maybe a bad idea maybe a. Really super bad idea no yet ding dong oh man hey I kill I got what, I get in there I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead no I do like that you just start, off right away kind of weird but respond is a no one respond reading see now I think we're running outta spawned let's get these remoras in I think if I I, can't eat those I just have to eat the green pebble it emits around there's not that many of. Them anymore like we're to push hard or oh yes wait wait did we win I even know we went out I do I don't, know how I did think Sammy let's try another one okay that's a fun thing with these, Oh red team no um they're just they're just fast-paced and quick.

On the super fun I like them when I go down here we're gonna just vacuum the ocean floor I can be the first one in line oh I can't. Get it now I should not have. Been this guy then oh this is annoying can I click on – you know dude hello I got you how, did he already turn into a knock – puss fish flying octopus really anything donk now I was gonna. Eat those man I'm already way behind the crowd can't do anything right right now ah I'm miserable look um just totally totally messed that up Hey block my own guy. Hey there we go there we go chill the fish man ah blocked Rockhold oh that was dumb Wow, spawn in and those things are right there most red team I can confused sometimes when you start. With red team and you go to blue team and you go back, to green DME go – orange team get confusing – my brain the limited power that I have up there oh hi hit you – trying to hit him. Red try to meet him oh I might be able to oh maybe not ah nope I'm dead fine with me because I spawned. Back here with all these pebbles who that kind leveled up to it a CD, ver it's okay oh wow haha you're in trouble now oh maybe I'm in trouble Oh No, you come after me bok-bok-bok whoop I'm gonna eat how many, real people food here real oh well there he went we just blew back nice getup your desktop did get over here, get that stuff down get more stuff I don't really I really don't like being the seagull in this game I really don't like it one bit a good part about being, a seagull is the time when you level up you're no longer a seagull you turn into a ray great but I like the Ray, guys name is Lou oh there we go I'm a beaver now Oh leave this stuff console free meat. Free free I guess necessary. Ok we're going to go back over I think we can pasty I'm so far behind everyone else like my counterpart is already the top of the leaderboard dude is making me look good and it. Is not me it's totally not me because I'm not the. Good one I'm number eight on the list that's awesome oh there's the green one right there and we're gonna. Pretend we're gonna burn a camp oh okay aha oh I'm gonna get him are there are there flappy on their own flappy birds I know, that hello goodbye I gotta fly so many oh we can we could take him, I feel away oh there's a whole bunch of red guys hello I was gonna eat you you're human Red, Team human we're gonna go after the flappy birds now I'm feeling lucky yeah hey you did it let's go penguin just because I think, I can still eat the flappy bird, so what yeah oh that was a good one but there's a lot of it there Green Teams, pearl has been taken aha I will protect you my dull finish skills blitz the blitz tribe has spoken we will win nope nope stay away, hey wait or me to eat that one oh don't hate me but I managed to let him live hello hello let's let's do it wait green. It's been returned shoot oh he do I wanna I want to live look that's interesting that he took the sea turtle. Thing the salamander fish what's called sunfish that's. Totally what it is where'd it go Green Teams pearl has been taken man he's good okay I got you brother I got, you I guess twins does does it they're fertile okay well hey hey no no no no no ha oh yeah I got you dope let's go you can. Win you can win the real bliss is so good at this game, oh ha no no no Carlos okay I need to I need to get air sorry me sorry blitz hey I need air I said oh, yes this is what I wanted yeah. Get rekt Yeah right yo I got him all by myself did we win did we get points go let's go yeah go me we're so awesome at this game. Some neighbor Mars is eaten what how did positives work you. Put that you put the thing wait what happened you put the thing in the in the thingy over here hey money disappear, clap what yeah oh it wasn't perfect oh I hit the sea turtle like Mikey yeah he's, gonna die we Wow sighing sorry Ellen Marla sue zone okay green man they're not even attempting this are they yeah there you go there you go let's do one, more so it's fun and now I figured out how to be the Marlin I want to be the, runner the Marlin like okay we're gonna be the guppy oh we're on the run agreed keep going Yomi I had. To get in front of my counterpart oh man everybody's so fast look at that, and no wandering is so good at this he just runs away right away gets all the little peddlin I'm gonna have to go up the only. Way I could really compete with that is I love love mentor and the crabs. And I walk up going to eat all the food on top of the crabs. Nation up here this thing should be pretty quick I just sit right here I can hide didn't know that let's, the hilarious eagle how is he so good hey there we go everyone down oh yeah oh I got it yeah go on I did it. Again oh hello green guy so I need it okay there we go uh-huh oh no.

Wait use me I couldn't even I couldn't even turn away over that hello oh you're away from there oh no. Hate me again man I can't I gotta get there you better. At this I'm gonna make it I'm gonna make it I'm animate I made it yes I was gonna die but I didn't because the seagull can hold his breath easily underwater, let's keep rolling get this get to the temples down here I think it just passed two of them awesome photo, hold up total debt oh no oh no no no no no no what what what what yeah oh no get hurt okay, now we're a beaver now I'm gonna go attack no okay the Dukes got now go, away thing on your map why are you doing.

That for hey green guy okay yeah thank you I was here yes thank you oh so close to being dead oh, nice shot buddy nice shot no not funny – wow I did is already a shark I guess it the first. One out of the gates really does well alright that worked good job and let's go to you oh no no no. No no no no no no no no no ha didn't see that he was on the other. Team okay so there's a pearl somewhere we're about ready to level up again a pearl right in front of the screen out there got it again this guy anyway wow I feel. I feel honored to be in his presence good score buddy just score we go out to do. One more because that is just ridiculous on how good he does, okay we're try again man everyone got all the other games before me EdTech boost maybe oh I might.

Get my kit there like it loud let me zodia thingy keep going go I need I need in there no that's amazing oh go down yeah y'all, go away I was gonna I was gonna snake that boot though I got it I got it oh that was, all me okay ready just bunch of red guys and I'm gonna bounce up behind them, and I'm gonna eat them like that I'm gonna eat them like that and I'm gonna poison him like that yeah. Get out of my swamp my swamp I didn't I think I played that pretty good I think I did, remind the lead well I actually am the real me this time that guy on the other team in oh there, we go now I'm going into the land of where. I died so little fall back Nord come over this way good there it is hello green guy right let's go up and we're gonna. Take this let me go we'll take that good I'm a pigeon I'm a sea pigeon poop nice oh yeah yeah I got you broad kid get him oh I got, him anyway oh and I'm here dead, dead no no no no no no go up go down down down down down ha ha ha ha ha I got. You oh I'm doing so good I'm doing so good that. Was awesome ah feels good I actually have a little adrenaline rush right now because that was like a multi kill first time I ever did that in my life come back this way hello Carlos exclamation point oh there's, another green guy oh hello oh. Nice hit and tobago nice oh I kept Oh God come on somebody jump on it. Oh you hit it huh we can play this game I turned into a favor oh you're gonna what oh it was. Great thank you seagull man thank you for the free kill appreciate it Oh oh he. Ran come at me brother others need to go get those oh dude yo yo oh ok I'm free I'm free cool hello I got it, hey where do we have we need to be a seagull I think in order to be the Marlin so I tell you what I'm gonna do I'm. Gonna flappy bird it ooh that was decent combo well it did a bad flip oh no oh no ha. Ha ok all dead dead oh I got. You pop yes yes yes dolphin time I'm in your face and I'm a dolphin in your seagull and whoop I ate you and now oh yeah yeah boy who's your boy, hoglets that's so good at this game today this is so good, at the game today Oh your room your smoke smoke juice which the Guinness Book to again this week we get a boom during, a die in there I told you hello red guy hello red guy hello red guy hello red guy. Oh man I'm skewered on all you want a mom okay you know what I'm going to do if this thing is open we're gonna take it we're gonna run we're. Gonna rug is real so fast or, so fast we are so furious oh and I hit I hit well I know, nice hit well bang go oh you're dead now dead now aren't you get you hello hello hello young vitamin D you're, dead nice work guys we are skewer them or getting everyone destroyed Wow they hurt they hurt go away run away laughs hey hey got you now. You're on fire no we Oh No brand-new his mouth oh it was horrible Oh gay Carlos, oh nice right there Wow someone must have tried to steal the thingy I died let's, go merge is one jumping above okay I'm just gonna hang out with mr. Sharkey down here and we're gonna do this we're gonna win because this I'm just so fast.

So fast nobody can catch up this lets the boost there we go catching all the. Things and everything boink boink oh nice ah trap you it's your boy income compound compound okay oh okay. This is Nick Can I grab it is it open did. He open it oh we didn't know yeah there's multiple we got we got this we got this hey there we go okay you got it pop you good okay go go no wrong way dude, no wrong way wrong right head oh hey okay you, got it Carlos you got it you got it this is epic battle that bird proportions needed here no wait go Carlos Go Go we can, trim we can win we're so much faster than them go Carlos no you're fast go ah yeah nope nice dribble. Nice dribble oh no did you return it that's why you don't dribble, it dude bad shark bad shark what you gonna do you no way you like haha you red team's pearl has been retrieved it's been taken it's been. Retrieved that dude is so fast let's roll let's roll I'm gonna grab it I'm gonna go I'm, gonna go okay you can sit go go Bob get out. Here no get go Carlos go you can make it buddy you can do it feel like Carlos can't do it I feel like he's. Not going to be able to I need to get all my speed boost until I get over there come on Carlos come on Carlos make it. Across the ocean make that commotion swim in swimming like a Marlin narrative oh no ha. Ha I will I will block you I will block yes. Get away ah ha we've got it we're gonna win we're gonna win and Carlos we're gonna win we're gonna win no.

Bad turtle go Carlos go that shirt get away yo Carlos go score dude go score you can win I'm three spotting feel like I, feel like we're gonna die Oh loser but with, winter there we go we want it we want it we're so good at the game guys I hope you've enjoyed this this was a lot of fun if you did like it please do let me.

Know I'll keep your stick on the ice we'll, catch you next time you .