Hey everybody let's welcome back to deeper dot IO I am blitz blahblah class with over the cake somewhere there coulis and welcome back we're, going to be playing you know what that one actually looks alright Seattle where to go Seattle today we're going to become the elusive sub fish the oceans dumbest, animal or the animal that really shouldn't even exist because it doesn't know really how to even eat anything and if. It gets in the stop the waves it just gotta falls over like if it hits the top of the water it. Can't go down because it doesn't have a swim bladder so just kind of sits up there. And it's really really weird so we're, gonna try to get there I'm trying to see if it'll work I really like I like the work I received you I don't know why they're there oh, nice and nice and poop good thing for me easily go put there we go there we go, lame oh wait ah nope awful gonna attach that guy but instead I will just feed on little green berries because there's no. One else around no what are you around to eat, man doing pretty good everywhere attack anyone yet I really want to eat some people I wonder where because we got what looks like one guy over, a million areas hello Oh Oh what ha oh wait I got that kill no beds don't fish how did I get that kill that was.

Awesome I didn't realize I could do that so now we're a jellyfish and jelly bean and jellyfish so we can go down down down down. To get all the yellow stuff here why is everyone hiding seriously why is everyone hiding. It I just vacuumed the yellow bubbles because they taste so good see man I, kind of like playing on these non populated servers Oh blue thing stay away from the blue thing leave that one instead that blue thing is definitely, a bad guy trying to be trying to be super duper, sneaky and oh wait I think you I think no I get no I can't definitely can you and and now I'm gonna live like, no you do it do it you nerd I have trick you Oh quick. Oh oh right haha no oh well whatever let us go through thumb hello ah now let's turn Nuggets it's okay sekime yellow, I can I can yellow the vacuum stuff again I can vacuum yellow stuff up oh oh I captain I tapped him I hit him. You might die he might die oh he's won let me go down come on come on go go go go go. Go go let. Me up light me up light me up let me up give me give me a boost give me a boost me boost him oh I'm going fast I'm not gonna be able to, do it now oh that would have been awesome that would have levelled me up big time super, big done and we'll just go down and we'll. Hit man there's nobody in anything down here oh there he was is coming after me no goodbyes and up we go all the red I figured the red is gonna do it but it did not. We just need some of the blue. Ones here oh there we go back to this waited like nothing ever happened to us yeah yep yeah ah you. Can't hit me now the dude's name is hi it's just is he gonna sit here you're just gonna camp out are you gonna put it you know put a thing in my nose, well you, know what my waiting game is better than your waiting game and hit again my bike oh I all started on that. Time I have outsmarted him ahhh get lot I all played you oh you get away from there and get ready get set and I am up. What are you gonna do now because you got pressure you can't handle the pressure and I'm just gonna vacuum all the green bubbles and we're gonna. Circle around I'm gonna eat that guy oh yeah up there got him oh no oh, I got two bombs on oh three bumps where oh, what a mess what is it what is this what has happened what has happened in our life wow I just totally I just totally skipped a single stage all that is awesome oh. Man hope they away from him how did I wonder. What that was that we just ate that's awesome whatever it was now I can just go fly and and get the. Flappy chicken goes let's try that let's get up here happy duck that wasn't you good oh that was horrible that, was the worst flappy duck I'm done it seems like this bar is different now maybe set go oh that's not bad that was. Bad man oh hello oh shoot oh it's got a cool eyeliner right on top of them come through here alright and we'll try another. One oh I can't I can't get any of the fluffy ducks okay. We'll go back this way and hopefully I'll get a good one this time, all I was way too low be on shore like it here I go I got a double launch I should I got no we got. It we got chickens to catch chicken okay so some of you guys said that if I go right here and I go like this then that's. Like the perfect angle that was horrible in there I guess we'll just go back that way and get. To do a normal with the flap your, dog today okay good we got it we got all that and try this way again and hey I got a few oh oh oh hey here's a yes the, dingo ate my baby down there oh it cooked meat move-in ready, Get Set swim when we made it in dingo bed dingo. I can help swim him Guernsey's I cry oh oh is this a good one a little bit too low ah I missed again I got to how to prove they're. Good Oh made it and we'll do one more oh that was, better to 7 ah maybe that wasn't any better Oh get out of here go back home there we go 5 and we're gonna switch in with that. Wow I almost ran out of oxygen and we'll just come back this way we're kitchen all, the fluffy chickens nope not I'm missing I missed every single one I had a double drop oh now we're in the cold zone stay out of the cold zone. Can I eat these things I can what's that hello oh shoot kit how far'd oh no oh no. I'm the day right day I'm gonna eat these then gives me some, heat wow that was that was crazy didn't realize that not a bad place look look at all these blueberries here okay I had a boost, outta here get out oh jeez good haha and you guys eat the fish tonight fish tonight the fishy fish and happy chickens hey. I'm one of these I'm going to get a. Good combo promise you it might be in a different video but one time I'm going 2011 and a one sweet couple not even combo the one oh we got, an epic battle going. On here between the dingo and this guy worms worms just chilling I'm gonna stay away from the dingo and sliding some more chickens yeah – oh this is them nope oh, they wants it wants it chickens – coupon hey wait ah you're kidding me what a nasty is you want to do. This you got like a hundred thousand points for that I was awesome hello hello oh now you're taking damages, now you're taking damage oh no no no no Cousy oh oh there's an epic battle there we go. Oh no no get out of there get a whole, hundred I make you know oh man oh died of poisoning I forgot to breathe, nope that wasn't it and we got ya oh this guy what's up what's up whoo get away from that Oh crazy head oh you got got. Away okay now I want it I want to get out of here I feel like people are starting to get bigger on the server I was going to eat. That nice there we go okay now what stay away from the dingo look at all is yellow pebble way on the, ocean floor I feel like there's. A Disney song about this somewhere oh hello or fish nope oh I didn't realize the or fish could eat me no that. Was interesting I learned something new yes or fish can eat the Rays of this nope and we're gonna go up yeah that one adds this stuff right there got turned. Into the beaver again oh I, almost missed it there we go hi Evan dams don't forget to go up debris keep close to the left side you were leveling up why is, that the next thing we have to get to is the dolphin so we're gonna have to do the. Best we can to get to the dolphin I think I'm just going to try that the flappy birds again and whoop because these things are really really. Good if you can get into good spree of them you can get a lot of XP and. We gotta. Stay away from work we'll try it this way well that was better oh man you're fast that's a bet I got a I. Got a combo with 11 going on whoa oh nice nice no okay yep you know folks to be, right we can help we can all play this game oh oh hello I'm just getting it over there I don't want to die the penguin at pigeons whatever. The season seagull yeah sure this guy's name is mayonnaise no I, know how to read it's not mayonnaise this means he and here we go we whoa that was moral. A really bad shot there was a lot of birds oh I call that 30 we got a 30 oh I don't remember oh okay we can play this game, I don't remember where we go now remember which one it is I think it's the penguin so in order to get to sunfish we definitely do, have to I have to get the penguin so I am swim are a little easier although I, guess we can just fly can't we whoa there we go there we go we ran it over will. Is a good combo five I don't get another one I'll try to fly all the way over to the, left side of the map and get my double yes I got my double bump no pigeon three okay and oh that was. That's a good, one that's together oh I got another jump there nice hello good oh I get you I got him another flight another combo fine hello beaver friend well, well well oh my gosh out of that in just a minute I'm okay now we're gonna fly the flying penguins whoa oh we just, hit the map nice, so we can level up really quickly because there ain't nobody else over here and they're gonna become the weird sunfish thing hello maybe they're being changed by something no they're just dumb guys oh there were. A lot of XP not really worth chasing oh oh maybe. They are oh man look at em all whoop in the local and the mouthful and okay how do hello hello hey back this, way oh I am all traps this is going pretty quick hello hello little fella oh. Look at this look at this let's say I'm good at school we'll turn them and I heard of my get a school of sardines it's, hurtin and this is their spawn point to looks like now you ain't my red things I'll let you up there's the. Oh wonder what just wasn't home might be starting would be a fish that lives in the, cold water like that mackerel shad no chance, of fresh water moving all this nobody has been here forever jay-z no one has been around here for days I'll take this all day long and it's so easy so he speeds them. In squeezing and I guess gotta get, air what take a breath and back down nice ie another pink one alright we're about to level over a boot to level up and I guess we can just, go and now we need to pick the dolphin cool dolphin see drill jump in water Gibson the speed boost, nice that was easy ah me three times, oh yeah that's right and go up and down it oh that wasn't ELISA premium oh yeah we did get really fast time jump out I think I can eat people no – yes I can so let's just let's. Just do this. Little surface penguin thing go down nice then we get the boost on top of that – I just don't want to play with the bad guys one I wish there was, a little stacker that I could see how fast I was going oh no bird and Hindus bird I will eat, this guy no I want. I can I go deep no pressure have to say that this is the most uneventful Oh Mikey uneventful think one double double kill uneventful and attempt at me being a fish, that have done a long time there's been nothing here wonder if I could, eat him just get a derp enough trying to kill the Penguins see pigeons where that single barrel takes. A cult I've successfully even a whole bunch of people and and a couple jellyfish to judge officially I'm to be really good for this guy. Some reason hi oh and we can eat a squid you have not many not many place oh you're coming to stay away from hi stay away I., Can go faster than you you know I have a boost check this up plus I can jump in another water oh you want to team up well maymays is oh. Wait I do just jump right my local okay well, we'll see him up as long as you don't try to eat me at this guy no I hate him any bird oh whoa. I can get the flappy ducks up here and recognize that and there's this bill I feel Oh latest I'm gonna eat you I'm gonna eat you ha ha. Now you're trapped you are trapped nope I said. You were trapped man you actually kind of did me dirty there for a little bit I got a nice little tap-in boot I kept there to my end. So quick ah oh oh hey meat and for my final attempt to leveling up where it eats every duck we there it is all there's, the. Sunfish now okay next animal the sunfish you're attacked I've no Roy coil you heal three times faster on the surface, so maybe guys are supposed to can they eat those berries no hi hello Phil oh great I'm going to deck use it maybe baby. Oh awkward dolphin man dolphin man Oh is he in my faster I think I'm just a little faster Oh moto what's happened I'm flying fish, sciences are sunfish thing this is kind of it Oy I suck up the things of the model it's kind of, a cool unit I don't know what to think of it. Yet I can't eat people so you just need a little green berries weird oh oh so it has no recoil that's cool that's really cool how am I I am seventh on, leaderboard oh oh wow see that's the deal right there that's awesome holder we get the, flappy ducks out of this huh real fake, blips yeah right yeah you got that wrong this time that's funny um it's actually something really important to to bring up if I'm in a game if you see me in a game just just assume that, I'm not real good I'm probably not oh I could have had that guy I probably am NOT real, unless you see the video of the next thing then then I am the real it or if you see your in, a video this is we're going to get we're going to. Get him we pinned them down you can't do a oh my word we're a we're a pelican – mashing machine so I, don't know I don't know how we can do you guys have told me to stay away from anything, big with this guy just to just go and do what we can to try, to stay away from the big fish because we will die but we, do have the boost that we can get away from like this guy he doesn't even realize I'm here and I didn't take the damage over time I wonder if that's a special of this guy probably not, oh and something else in if you see me in a game then I will never. Ask for in-game currency or in-game coins or anything like that so if you see somebody asking for it and pretending to, be me do not accept it don't give them anything because, that is a fake I will never ask you guys for anything no passwords, no no in-game currency nothing like that I will never do that so just just keep that mind if anyone tries to and they are a baker in there a scammer and it's not, me at all oh hello Raymond I know you're a get oh no. No you are not allowed nope nope Oh breaking that oh I can jump up open I get you I'm gonna get, you you passed you to me I want it I want to eat you I want to eat you Raymond come here his name, just either ray that's why, I'm calling on Raymond haha you're gonna fly aren't you Oh guess what brother I could fly – oh I got oh I can you just oh nice that's awesome. Oh I've got it stuck like a fish out of water hood no dead end oh we got another look oh I made it a nice come here long lolly, coaster what got you in my mouth and there's a whole bunch of, green stuff here this guy oh I'm third place I'm the third place Oh fish is not too far ahead of me I don't know how. To do this the best I'm thinking the flappy flappy birds man I'm thinking they might, be really good at your flappy ducks whatever they're called webby combo, I think they're flapping stuff they could be really strong with this this guy just can take a little while to get used to it letting on, respawn oh now we're in there – now we're in trouble there's no way I can kill him I'm just, going to get out the way yeah I can't I can't kill an. Orca without somebody else's help I'm just going to stay away from anything that's big and mean and wants to eat me comes president ready. Alright look at some flappy ducks poop be good all those those decent oh oh pretty good oh I can't eat I can't eat the. Things oh I got more how about my making of all that, was close I should have all that would've been a 25 over 32 come I got. Weren't you oh man this guy is like a jumping fish of oh shoot get over here Oh back back oh I got work, oh hello oh look at this look at this oh come on oh no I was so close I could eat him nobody's eating ever. A pelican terminal life report okay so. This guy's about the best at just flying out of the water eating bird seems to be a decent way to get XP with them oh ho there's a beaver oh hello heaven oh, oh he's flying away can't me to go get him I don't know where he went oh I. Want to get him though oh my god this guy eat um here I can't eat this guy eat. The fish or the people which way is he supposed to look as he looks that way I. Think that's upside down which was no no no I think that the I on. The bottom side is not right thank you supposed to swim this way and snappy duck down a 114 er that's not bad let's go back, this way there's a good oh oh oh that's perfect that was, perfect a 34 nice nice and we'll launch again after I get a little breath a 37 picked it up a little better oh oh there's a 48 yeah yeah yeah, and can I go get I can't 49 there's gonna be a, world record Oh 70 72 attempt radio back this way now come on keep it, goin 880 okay I got to get in the water a little bit more gain your breath 84 get some more exciting – can I get 100 can I. Get a hundred can I get a hundred and don't die me Oh 197 okay I got. To stop at the 97 that was a whole lot of X to get this guy you ain't gonna no Gilbert ah God you dead get in there nice oh, I'm so man that was that was the way to get the XP. I went up like 70,000 there oh hello what are you going to do with your life nothing because I'm gonna have it from my mouth oh there's, no knock back that's for sure. Oh poor little jelly bean ah man I like this guy I like this guy freezing the small stuff who put the sticks up around then you just jump up the way oh, look at this hey, Bert learn brain yeah yeah yeah ah man this guy is so good at eating small stuff at pushing him out of the way because there's no knock back, really hard to control if you don't have a boost a lot of fun hey there's another sunfish over there i briefed you son, reached there he is hi Phil hi Phil alright your deal let's slide like a fish okay, that wasn't too good that one's not too good either oh that step oh. Do you see that 43 combined oh my word 53 in one quote okay get out of here get out. Of here n-no you can't catch me that was a combo 1 and L on land over it get out of here get out swim faster down the water I. Have a feeling there has been a how to get me they have spawned they realized what I'm doing there's still. Phil Phil's my friend ok oh so stuff with nothing I. Don't know Carol hello turtle man oh oh come back your turtle come back you list are you in the middle uh yeah am. So it's nice to see people in game but just guys always don't don't assume that I'm actually in game oh hello oh you vanished oh hi hello. – guys pretty strong oh look at. That is tearing me apart you guys did a lot of damage those beavers are quite strong there's an orca eat me nope, bad Orca I think I think we found a way to get a lot of points with those guys trying to get the flappy birds and that was a.

Really bad oh hello oh come back here hi there yes I can beat, you ah ah oh now you're in trouble oh no II flew away oh no no kit ha got nice I feel again Hey oh I'm coming. After you okay is gonna crash down here I can figure out, where that be a good meal hello but are you in the middle of the vision oh. I'm slightly past the middle video he said yes sir oh hello seagull you can't make it to the surface, my brother and I ate you that's what happens when you go, deep with the can't you can't spawn in with the if you're in the deep of them if you're down deep you can't evolve is that, the word I'm trying to find maybe hey I just broke six hundred thousand my goal is to be a 1 million point sunfish I don't. Know if it's possible ends on how the oh hey there's eight and not too good better than all, the rest of the guy screaming I like this guy I eat. Him I can't what's got you and a little dude like I'm running back into the bush oh hello Oh it snuck in ah my nemesis nemesis simp don't mean oh oh it's blue odd watch this. My kitchen aha forgot you in my mouth Oh some free meat there look at this oh, come on don't don't know we let him fly away oh it's so close right now ok you're done. You're done done a pinning you to the ocean floor oh. No all that was so close and you just pooped on me he plays that will turn like oh oh yes got you oh man I kind of feel bad for this guy. I'm. Gonna leave him because I just ate him closing in closing in on the leader I'm get it I'm gonna get it I'm gonna get the leader I'm. Gonna get leader so cool I just vacuumed up that entire oh there. Oh I just oh I think I got it for a second that he just found out no man knows good here we go that'll help. Me oh that was an octopus where to go where to go weird octopus go ready go I don't see you anymore are you the octopus no thanks to. Always got a lot of XP shoo hi poor means yeah um again mainly because I need to get, to a million points I'm going to fly back to this side. Look Google there's some good fat birds oh man there's a big school of them their, whole okay there's a ton of them this is going to be excellent let's gain up some points mo I'm ready 20 come already oh okay that, was good oh I got a birth I heard this guy, and I just need to get oxygen okay that was a 51 that was a good way to start I'm net, I'm gonna get a lot not hey I made the leave what happened to sup laughter sup okay let's watch this okay come out nice no 212 ready to, go oh we're gonna go for a million oh that was pretty good oh no what happened there I think, I just bought in again hello hello oh okay pep-pep you mind actually killing shoot back wait oh I'm in trouble I'm in trouble, bad tap mad peb nope nope nope nope well, guys that is going to do it for today I hope you've enjoyed a little video of deep IO. If you did like it please do let me know and keep your stick on the end we'll catch you next, time .