Oh hey hi what I don't even know where that came from what the was that what's going on guys drink ass here and welcome back to another, episode of DPO so we're going to be checking out some more of the new updates that we haven't looked at yet I figured we'd kill two birds with one stone today. Play some pearl defense as well as check out the, stonefish so if you don't know the game has been updated again and there is new game modes, now we have the original mode we have free-for-all which is basically the updated original mode and then, pearl defense which is kind of like a capture the flag or capture the pearl game which has much faster leveling up and you'd actually a team-based game oh great servers, full hopefully we can, find an empty server here thankfully they got quite a few servers so we should be okay oh maybe not everyone's playing pearl defense I, guess alright there we go we got in so we're going to be playing pearl defense here we have to play quick it starts off, pretty strong here so as you can see we are a surge of goldfish and let's, go down to the ground here I want to get oh god these guys are gonna get way ahead of me look. At how quickly that yak I leveled up he's already obvious you're stealing all the things come out we're teammates we all have to level up at. The same time but yes as you can see this mode is much different you can, see the teams at the top ah you can actually see what each player is I think this is one of the coolest io modes. I've ever seen and of course is a leaderboard, system as well I don't even think yeah we're not on the leaderboard system right now we are not doing good at, all ah but I am just focused leveling right now I think we should be able to catch up all right and. There we go we are the squid now we are in enemy area here actually here on, the LPO Pro Bob get them yeah there we go we work together Bob alright getting it look down here oh you're. Gonna die you're gonna die I'll get them I'll get up oh he's running.

Away – okay I don't want to be too aggressive just yet because I don't know I've never actually played troll defense by the way I don't know if we reset the goldfish if we die.. Or if you just have to regen alright we're a beautiful bird now I kind of want to get these ground balls we a decent amount of oxygen here. So yes there we go we lift up the bird just by doing that so let's go up to the top now, eat some delicious fruits and quickly level up there we go so, the next one now I have decisions to make I'm going to be the raid because we want to be the stonefish today so actually let's go try and get some flappy ducks here, and truly level up whoa beaver holy bay birds okay I hit them in the air a little bit and I. Think we went all. The way yes this is the enemy zone so the pearls on that pedestal there and then there's those fish there that attack you when you try and steal it our team must have actually, already stole it so that's good oh god I I forgot I'm an enemy territory leave me alone but yes, that's where you get the pearl if you can make it all the way back with the pearl ah you basically get a. Point for your team now I don't know if it's one point wins or what we currently currently. In 10th place though so we are doing pretty good now we're slowly catching up and as you can see look. At how quickly I'm leveling up this is so much better and now, my damn Beaver so I can't stay down here great all right best option. For leveling up the beaver is probably to try oh and get flappy combos because they are going to be disastrous in terms of leveling up so let's get some more boost here, try and get a better, flappy combo this time give both my boots let's utilize them there we go and again we're staying on. Leaderboard somehow I feel like we're not playing that well but I guess we actually are there we go we got at least some fruits there I'm not the best aim there we go we got him, and we got. The level up too so what we doing next next thing we need to be is the octopus you mimic the shape. And movement of the animals you kill all right so that's not really going to help me right now because there's no loads here danimals at least I hope not actually that's quite destroyed. Okay I'm. Scared I'm leaving and I'm going to heal up it all right team gree I'm assuming that means green pearl has been taken so I'm gonna try and find that guy. Oh there he is right there found him and I took it that's all I got to do is touch. The pearl oh he's mad now ere you go I got a spooge on you so you can't find me, bitch alright so we saved the pearl once again what is that there's a little dot. I don't know if that's a glitch or if that's that's showing where the pearl possibly is or is that showing where that dude is all right the. Pearls been taken once again though I'm wondering is that okay whoo we had a big kill there a pearl is, safe once again so we do have a shark guarding our pearl which is good I'm just going to chill. Around here and, level up and watch the pearl since I did slow down leveling Mazal let the stronger teammates try and steal the pearl and we will watch out as we level up here but after, this guy which is the oarfish I think we get to our stone fish so we're basically there we can actually leave now now. That we can eat ground balls this is going to be. A quick level up so let's just you utilize my speed boost here and try and level up as quickly as possible which, is not going to take long at all because nobody's. Leveling up anymore it seems like I am just the slow contender here there we go so we got the stone fish whoever touches you will get poison unless you boost to leave back you can. Dive into the soil so let's just try that out there you go, you can see we can go right into the soil here we got another fellow stone fish so this is kind of like a very stealth predator I'm assuming. Yes we can go down here too and we can just wait around at the Pearl and try and, steal it that's amazing I'm, going to poison him I don't think we do too much damage so this isn't a damaging character this is kind of like a support character, here that should help out quite a bit okay we got a very big shark here, see you later sucker all right something actually damaged me down here so I'm going to go, try and heal up we got a red guy here I'm going to poison him help out my team there we go we got that kill so now I want to go once I heal a little, bit down into the ground alright and let's see if we can go steal, that pearl ah looks like my fellow teammates died here all this is great though they don't even know I'm here well actually the. World s do as you can see they're trying to attack. Me are they actually oh they were damaging what or maybe I can't breathe in the soil I don't know I wasn't really looking at my vitals so I, guess we're going to find out they couldn't touch me but something was. Killing me so is there an oxygen bar yes there is. An oxygen bar when I'm in the ground I should really pay attention to that okay but now we know guess it makes sense. Hey there buddy there you go guys we got them all right this guy's, here too this is Wow our team's actually guarding the base we're working as a team in an i/o game what the is this no you're not stealing that, get the hell out of here oh yeah the sunfish of course with its great healing powers it's actually. Keeping three of us busy we got lots of different green guys here though so we're doing good again I'm going to go back and try and steal it, this time I know we can't stay into the ground for too long oh look at that okay I. Guess the game is over we did win it I didn't do very good on, my team I guess last place all right back in it again hopefully this time it goes a little bit better, this is great I'm just I'm just evolving on the ground floor now I'm not doing anything. Else but suck it up ground balls and I've leveled all the way up to squid about the level path squid I haven't seen anybody else there we. Go we got a fellow enemy there Oh God okay I'm gonna eat a. Little bit and come back there's a seagull with vengeance come here I ain't scared of you okay, I can problem is the seagulls float I can't go down that far oh yeah there we go we got a good combo. There and I'm back at the octopus in, enemy territory here so I'm wondering okay the Pearl is currently gone so I'm just going to kind of chill out here oh god oh I don't like you, guys I don't know how much damage they do but I obviously don't want to screw with them too much we're doing, pretty good I'm currently six place right now in terms of score who is that okay that's a dolphin that's, actually really high up and it's the enemy team so that's just great and come here little dolphin oh. Oh so close every cookie yes I killed their. Fellow dolphin oh hey there buddy I don't know I don't know who's stronger looks like me yes there we go so who would, choose a polar bear that's great that you have that option what the well man these games are too quick man I didn't even get, a chance to play the last tier guy now all right well let's try and, level up as quickly as possible the benefit being we are in first place right now so I'm going to. Get all the ground balls to me and I'm going to be the top player right now so the pressures on to utilize this advantage at the start in my favor here, look look at how quick, I am all right come here come here yeah you better run bitch I'm going hit you okay Oh are we supposed to are we supposed to attack it oh there. We go you have to break it whoa whoa what the hell just happened at this game I didn't know that you actually have to. Break the pedestal to open up the pearl to get it. So now that we've opened it up whoo excuse me guys excuse okay I probably shouldn't stole it yet okay I'm just I'm just gonna leave, I'm sorry I don't even have the pearl anymore I don't, know how hocked it but I did get away from me damn beaver all right let's go well level up get to my final form here. This guy he thinks he's gonna get me but he's not, he's probably going to suffocate himself soon here so you know what bastard I'll fight you I'll beat you up bro there you oh yeah you you're, gonna be regretting that wait for it why partner okay and back to the stonefish now I don't know if the stonefish is really the, best choice for this type of game mode you probably want a high damage. Output shark light creature ah but I can utilize this guy to do some interesting things. All right we're going to poison him yeah you dude dude I mean you're just a beaver all right so being that I am a slow damaging, character I think I'm going to play defensively and try and guard our.

Pearl as it is going to probably get stolen so let's go up to the top here and just fly over there we go and, we're right back at our base oh never mind I guess we can't do that this game is way too quick, all right well uh I guess I was a good run I promise I don't, even get a chance to try the high tiered characters because by the time I get there the game's basically done so hopefully we can have a little bit more of, a battle this time all right single war. Here we go get out a lot this is a lockdown scrub yeah you better eat those come here come here there there we go there we go come on seagull come, here yes, god damn it you wimp all right well at least I got the island and going through the oarfish here we go. We're going to level up get that stone fish once again and I'm actually going to be, at enemy territory so this is perfect there we go we got our stone fish awesome now we can go into the ground and try and attack these things so I'm currently in fourth place the enemy team did actually, catch up here so it's going, to be a really close game as you can see by the scoreboard I'm gonna hit that Beaver a little bit and I might consider oh , that's a lot of damage man up and we're dead okay so I didn't realize how much those things do you, really got to take them though because I think they don't respawn so after you kill them I think your team can get into it so, being that I am so far ahead compared to most who chooses a polar bear holy oh my, god there oh wow they actually are, doing good over here okay so the polar bear III don't even know what the polar. Bear does I don't think I've ever played it maybe I have I played so much of this game I have no idea but we're having a war zone over here. It's great all right green seems to have the upper. Hand at least now which is good thanks for that war zone and yeah we got a lot of high tiered guys now get away from me, Sharky my poison bubbles you bitch oh god it gummy. There you go out my poison bubbles yes eat them all there we go that's teamwork so yes I cannot do enough damage to really take. Down these guys actually going to be honest with you playing with this little while the little amounts of the stonefish that I have played with I feel like it's one. Of the weakest high tiered characters but I do really like this whole diving mechanic especially with such a high, tiered character I think if we were fighting low tiered characters this guy would, be very useful at simply killing them since he's got so much poison ah but being that this. Is what we're playing right now I don't know I'm just not really feeling them that much but we can't, do some damage here at least let's damage these guys yes help them out alright getting the hell out of there yet am i poison, eat my delicious poison I didn't know you could shoot freakin things at me okay we're we're having a hard time here though.

Oh I probably should've ate. My friend okay go going in see you later oh man you don't have enough oxygen though you, have you have to really really I didn't even have time to get us to the ground Jesus and of course he gets. The kill after all oh can I go down here with the pearl I can that's actually really cool okay so we're going to take our time here and, okay this is the weirdest, this is going to take forever alright get mail out of here I feel like that's a little bit cheap oh oh oh there's so many behind me I can't do. Anything I can't even use my boots there we go I can poop out my boots and I totally.

Lost the ball so if you don't know when you have the Pearl you actually can't use your. Boost you can't do a lot of things so basically you got to run to the base and it's very hard with this guy but the fact that I can actually. Just cook it I'm spent I'm wasting so, many people's time this is great actually but yeah I'm just not fast enough to actually take that back I don't think all right red team is. Working together as you can see what the hell oh my god look at this team oh they. Are so going to get it okay I have to respawn and we got to go guard that really really quickly. The grain pearl has been taken there already there or was that someone else alright so we have to go.

Down and definitely kill these guys but this is going to be interesting so yes those dots I think are showing where the pearls are so. Let's get in front in front of this guy block them poison them and allow, this guy to get here okay so, I'm going to guard this guy since I am a poisoning character I should be able to harass anyone that attacks them get it in there I don't know what you. Got to do I think you're going to. Put it in the base yes you just put it in the base and we won so there we go that was a great game, just as if we won every game I'm feeling pretty good right now oh hey. Red team's pearl there it is alright okay okay as long as I got the pearl back that's totally fine all right so I'm gonna play some defensive this time, wow this guy is just hitting everybody up alright, so I don't even know how I'm supposed to attack this guy all right he throws bitch Hey oh great alright hey hey hey there there you go oh yeah there yep yep there we go I stole, a stole your kill I'm sorry bro but you know what teamwork, it's what it's all about okay so now we got the pearl here I think I'm just.

Gonna connect I like spooge all around this thing and just like poison the out of it uh-oh I thought these things don't stay very long okay that's no fun I, uh I, was hoping to make a poison nest or something I'll get the out of here polar bear oh god okay. Okay now he just killed me and a polar bear Mandy have so much health what the hell well it's back so crisis averted I can go back, down and try and protect it mind you if that polar bear comes I am screwed and I think I just saw him so great how the hell alright. I get the best thing I can do is poison this guy and get the hell away, but he's gonna slow too ok I really want, to try the polar bear now get a get away from me you crazy bastard I'm going inside he okay uh I do have to bug him. Though because I don't have a choice now he's got. Teammates this is just gonna be great all their taciturn off to play football and you just passed into our teammate okay that guy's not very good at football look at this free. Kill delicious alright I'm coming out anytime now, there we go and we got another guy here coming in and attack them send it back at least oh god kill these guys I hate it when teams work together my, team is not so good at all I mean look of the. Damn leaderboard alright we seem to be holding off the Pearl stealers there we go help that guy out poisoned it a little bit so we've got a shark, king camping here oh hey hey bear buddy okay I'm, gonna I'm gonna go down and help out there we go he's going this way come on guys follow me look at me. He's over here there you go oh that's great alright he's going back down oh he's actually gonna run right out of oxygen, so there we go we totally, got this guy yes sure please go up there so he doesn't fly away oh I can't damage him that's right because he doesn't get poisoned just like me that that's, another benefit of the stonefish you do not get poisoned but can someone kill this guy because I'm. Not I'm actually lower health in him so I can't really do too much to him right now here I can I can smack them, that's about it okay thanks team for helping me out by the way I'm.

Really this is really great alright you can have those not that they're really. Going to poison you alright poison this guy poison team Green and I died again oh god I am NOT I have no defense, I don't know how to use this character aside from just being support and here comes game green working together once, again and this is not going to go good for me i respawned oh god there's a polar bear already alright polar bear go away eat, those please okay they are stealing the thing all right I need a, boost I can't even those with this guy Oh what the go away I didn't even realize this. Was the enemy team but there we go we killed him at least that has given me the. Boost so let's fly to the enemy base here and hopefully we can help out a little bit there we go all right I'm at their pedestal he is behind me I'm hoping I stole it. Bitch, see you later sucker oh that was the only thing I could do right and I did it this polar bear so mad at me okay I'm just gonna go down here and he's gonna think I'm going that, way and I'm gonna go up here look at that alright so they're gonna get it again I I just. Have to keep retrieving it it's all up to me right now because my teammates doing oh here. A little bit of love top Ito's yes please okay I thought I had, more boost I don't have more boost I'm so dead ah there we go we're safe oh hey what what I don't even know. Where that came from what the was that all right I got a. Fellow well we are in enemy territory here so I don't know if he wants to attack no I guess he doesn't okay of course, he doesn't so we got there's a teammate here wonder that's a lot, of enemy team okay uh yeah I'm not going to be able to do this alone so we're just going to get the out of here and. Go back for a second and see what we can do over here all right bad news ladies. And gents I think most of my team has left the game yes as you can see at the top there's four of us. Left against a full . Team so that's why I was wondering where the my team was are they all deserted us so I guess there is no rejoining in this game which is a big bummer and now, we're just so, overrun we can't do anything about it Cal King strike its best to help me out but yeah there's just too many of them so I don't know how we haven't lost yet by the way. We've been just capturing that ball and keeping them, at bay but I don't think it's going to last much longer do we even have the. Pearl right now no there's a shark waiting here for Coco and there we go the winner. Is the other team not that I'm surprised considering we had three people left at the end that class sucks Epps this. Is an amazing mode I have no complaints oh that I love how quick it is I'm just kind of bummed that nobody can, rejoin if somebody leaves that really needs to be implemented into this game anyways that was a quick look at pearl defense the beta Ford and as well the stonefish I, got to say I would really like to try. The stonefish in the free parole as well just to see how it is because I think it'd be really good again against taking out little or animals. And trying to just avoid the bigger animals because you do have, that evasive maneuver regardless some very interesting new mechanics into the game DPI o is getting better and better every time I. Play it so I hope you guys enjoyed this one I will be following this game as it is being developed as I have been since the start. Of it and I if anything else comes out. We will be playing some more of it so as always guys thanks for watching and liking I'll see you in the, next one member .