Anybody want my delicious ball anybody any takers ah probably going to be a piranha here's Johnny what's going on guys drink asked here and welcome back to another episode, of dpo now it's been a while since we played this game and I thought I, would check it out today and I was blown away with the amount of new content there's like 10 new animals different.

Biomes that's basically once again a totally different game so I figured we'd get back into it today, and check out the beta server and what it has so it's actually hoping I can actually get in here there we go we actually got in. This time all the servers have been full all day so I've been patiently waiting to, play now I don't actually know the tech trees anymore or the evolved trees so we're just going to play with whatever, we want and see where we end up now this guy's new I think it's actually a piranha so look at that we got some. Fellow piranhas here I'll level up to multiply your boost to go faster, okay so I think how piranhas work I don't even know if you can level up to, different creatures what the product is if you look around you can see a lot of people are playing piranha right now and you can actually control more than one unit so we'll figure out. How this thing works and play with the Piranha fur a little bit here and yeah see if, we can make a big piranha colony because this is a totally new mechanic, indeed having multiple units in one big blob that's really cool to me and there's another new creatures, I think that's a crocodile so where is like a swamp biome now or I guess like an Amazon Amazonian biome so I think. This is a whole new oh god okay fur otters. Can attack all the piranhas didn't know that just leave me alone guys but yeah I think this is a whole new biome, with different creatures in it and that is amazing to me having all these different biomes I'm really excited, to see what they do in the future in this game and if they have like lake biomes for example sea biomes and then Amazon biomes just like this so all I'm, seeing right, now is crocodiles and piranhas so I think that's probably more or less a oh we got frogs up there there's mosquitoes oh this is so cool alright so here we go we hit. Our first level up so we can choose to add another piranha or go. To a different creature I have no idea what that creature is either I'm going to stick with the piranhas for this first run here we'll see how big we can. Get with the piranhas, and yeah have some fun with it because I would love the idea of getting like well I don't know I guess I forget how many. Levels there are in this game but I think it's like 10 to 15 so you can probably get at least that many piranhas, all right there we go we're attacking our, first piranha here I'm going to go and charge them actually there we go come on get them down get all we freaking hid all right this is really cool, though in each character actually has their own HP, bar too so if we get multiples here X is going to level up again so I want to get that third one because most of, these groups are 1 to 2 so if we can get to 3 we're in good territory oh and that's cool too so. If you decide to change your mind and go away from the piranhas – oh you can totally still level up to the other characters jellyfish and frog so, we're going to get the. Third piranha here and yeah we're just gonna keep going up with these products whoo I want that meat I want that meat oh look at how we got another level perfect now we're at 4, now. Is time to try and eat some people here so we got I don't know how I got to assume the crocodile is way too strong for me well they're, tearing themselves apart that is absolutely crazy I kind of want to steal the meat but I don't want to get, in between those frogs you know what let's else eat these guys here I'm going, to boost into them so we do have a little boost and Oh bad things are, happening to you there we go eat the one guy I got to kill both to get his loot all right let's see if we can speed up and, catch up to him there we go there we go there we go oh my god piranha war all right, and unfortunately he did go into the log and hot and hid so we didn't get that one but now we're doing a lot, better with 4 piranhas Oh God no my piranhas you er you know, can't give me okay where's my pro wait it killed them oh I somehow lost the Piranha there so because there's so many different piranha populations it's hard to. Tell who's yours and whose is the enemies all right this guy's almost dead there we go, you know em come on it's actually very. Hard to control these little guys and of course you want to hide so there's a lot of hiding places here. What oh that's a waterfall okay do I want to go down into the deep end you. Know what I'm kind of comfortable up here there's a lot of piranhas so I'm going to stay up here and level up a little bit so do I lose that piranha forever now I'm hoping. It comes back when I level up because I got to assume I mean there's there's got, to be a way to earn it back because you're so, much weaker now or I guess you just got to keep as many piranhas as possible oh you don't like that, there we go we got that one so we took that guy down didn't get me too much XP though we should be. Getting our next level up though and I'm going to decide if I want to stick with my piranha or if we're. Going to go down that river with something a little bit bigger oh look at all these balls here this is going to be good there we go so. We can either be Clefairy or another piranha there do I get money no I. Don't get five now so once you lose a piranha you don't get it back that kind. Of sucks Oh God Oh frontal war here we, go let's do it alright I have no idea who's winning I don't even know if I should run away or not alright eating them there we go got. One I think ah okay I think I'm almost dead one left oh that's so sad alright, so I'm gonna have to level up with this one guy and there'd be no point what the hell just happened Oh God I just ran into someone ah but yeah there'd be no. Point to stay as a piranha. Now because it would take forever to get my colony back up so we're just going to try and level up and pick, whatever's next on the tech tree all right oh I actually lose my levels so we're back at the basic stuff okay so that makes more. Sense now so when you lose a put-on and you lose some of your leveling also we're basically back down to, level 1 let's try this guy out and see, what he does you can attach yourself to most animals Seigle it above when attached you. Get part of the food it eats so yes it's bait well it is the lamprey I guess I thought it was a different color though, alright but we can attach ourselves so let's go attach Oh oh don't, kill me there we go I'm going to catch the killer here and hopefully killer can kill this guy alright that guy did heal up and, come on skin them yeah yeah I want some of that delicious food this is so much, easier than actually playing how is this go healing so much there's so many new characters now and I don't know how they work this. Guy has a major heal but killer over here has a major bite Oh get him killer get always got poison come on go get, that little croc oh he's running he's running oh this is bad he's got him yes and I just leveled up alright see you, later sucker thanks for giving me the jellyfish oh.

okay so this is not an area that's good for me alright so, there's new mechanics we got to get down this river as quickly as possible let's go through actually and we should be fine because this bar isn't going down that quick but I do want. To owe you up it oh okay that guy's just sitting there waiting to eat people that's amazing the. Balls go down there that is a. Really good spot to hang out which makes sense that's where a lot of fish would hang out at the bottom of, a river so that's actually really cool let's try again here this time I'm going to go right. To the lamprey all right being a parasite is nice sometime so you know what let's try out the frog and see what this guy does frog can jump higher than most animals you don't say. It's a frog so, is that all it can really get what the hell is that Oh God and I'm dead again there's so many no animals I don't know what's a major threat and what's not but. Clearly that guy I mean he's basically one hit me jellyfish me delicious okay, so we're doing pretty good here almost at level four Oh frog I'll take frog. Wait for him wait for him he's gonna come out oh you guys get in there too all right he's being a little patient frog oh there goes another one, there's so many different frogs here there we go let's uh, Oh God get get off okay oh No so spread out okay hold on here I gotta get back up no don't shut me up okay this guy over, here is the only guy I got laughs goddammit what the hell she was next animal alright I'm so, confused okay here's my tooth alright I guess we're going to be a Clefairy after all, where the hell am i old it's a guy down here okay so uh we. Did go down the waterfall and it's looking like down here is where the old map was so you know. It looks a lot similar but we oke off uh oh god you you do, not oh go away please please don't okay this guy is on the wild goose chase right now and I why why Dahl God cracking cracking save me save me mr.. Kraken yeah you there you go get him Oh God and I'm dead alright we're the biggest piranha colony left I really enjoy the Piranha just because. Of how crazy strong you can be oh I don't know who I want. To fight this I'm helping I'm helping I'm helping ah a lot of kill, oh kill the croc all for the croc come on come get him get us yeah yeah God I'm okay I gotta get the out of, here I've actually lost all my levels though because. I lost so many piranhas doing it alright so we're going to go to this guy just because I keep losing levels as a crock, looks like we can actually be a squid up here why is my bar so freakin high negative 132 percent. For next animal ok can I level up then ah I think I broke the game so this is a, beta after all so I didn't expect to break it but I think this one because I lost so many things during that upgrade screen it thinks I, should have already upgraded, so let's just go to 200% or let's just wait for an upgrade thing and we might be able to level up hey what the dude alright there we go, it actually resets and now it says 96 okay so yeah it seems to be fixed now alright looks like, you got some attached to your little seagulls oh. Yeah now I'm a seagull I'm not going to show you any of this gameplay because you guys are seeing this a million times but we are. Doing pretty good now we're on the leaderboard for 306 case so I, must have killed a really strong animal I'm assuming that crocodile because I did not have that score before so we're just gonna go fly around right now oh god okay ah did he just jump inside me. I'm very confused did I kill him okay get. Up what the what are these things they do damage you that is, horrifying Asya there's so many new creatures like I don't know how many we're going to check out today but this is this is why I like beef so. Much every time I play it there's something totally new oh, god okay I'm totally stealing all these balls because this is the greatest thing ever also yes Eagles have this advantage of being on being able to fly kind of in the middle here. I'm wearing tiny piece bugs can be a little bug I'm just gonna try oh they're actually really hard to catch.

So oh my god they fall down the river that's so cool oh yeah you can't eat them that's for sure Oh. Piranhas alright that's a totally a dangerous place but I kind of, like doing it it is pretty fun here there we go we're just gonna eat the balls all the delicious balls and. Slow oh god oh god really God oh and he killed me God kept it okay guys. We don't need any more seagulls on this island that would that would be great thanks guys cuz I got, there's so many frickin seagulls I mean look at all this on the ground right here oh god that's a snake okay, yeah everyone else get hit by the snake this snake is going to have a heyday. Here wait for it the snakes they seem to be able to climb trees which makes sense and they are absolutely disastrous. Against any sort of seagull oh my god it's the mother lode down here I'm just going to sit down here and eat everything I can look and see little. Guys are down here this is great alright so, this is this is my kind of area when there's not bigger predators around of course now there. Is a little bit of a safety net here oh my god look at look at all this yes this is great alright we. Are going to level up in no time down here that's for sure so I'm just going to chill here there we go, get out get out of here you little frickin crab Oh God okay crocodiles they're time to leave, oh okay so now it's time to try out the snakes oh this should be fun thanks and climb on trees hit another animal to poison it. So Oh God oh holy. okay I didn't realise snakes had that low of a freaking breathing bar so that really sucks like you can't even stay in the water here alright we need to get into. Island please tell me there we go we're right by one all right hello seagulls I'm just, go how do I climb I just I just want to okay, oh got him alright just gonna come on just freakin kill him there we go we got that one and back on the island I go oh this is this is just, all meat for me this is great hey guys I'm stealing your spot I'll come here little Pelican. Yeah I'm gonna get you oh oh oh I got him I got him there's two, of them oh I love this snake. Mechanic there we go we bit them and there's some pretty food up there for someone all right snakes are Opie that's definitely for sure so we put I think all the seagulls have left this island, which makes sense, I can eat the berries oh that's the great part this is basically a better seagull so we're just going to chill here with my snake-like friends can I actually attack other snakes no we can just chill together, we're definitely bros oh that was good grab all right I'm gonna she's gonna eat the. Clefairy here alright yeah, I don't want to screw around with going in the water that's the one thing with the snake we cannot try and catch up to our prey here so, we're actually about the level up so that's good we'll see what, else we can get oh hey little crab that's that's a bad idea to be up here alright oh Pelican there we go I got the Pelican he's so dead goodbye little Pelican ah actually. I might need to let go here he doesn't seem to do too. Much damage Oh what's going on here can I alright the. Damage seems to stop and he's just kind of holding on to me now oh I got it oh, the dye bomb killed I was great all right let's get moustache guy here and see what this guy does off the snapping turtle put your head on the floor to become invisible. And spawn a bait food okay so it's another one of these bait. Creatures this should be fun alright unfortunately we do need to go up to the dangerous area because that's where, the snapping turtle prefers to be so we are just going to make our way over to the waterfall landed right there fall and there we go now we are up in.

Two very dangerous areas there's a lot more people playing over here obviously because it's the new mechanic. But let's try this bait thing so we put our head, on the ground and oh there's a little bait ball okay so that makes sense, and unfortunate is going to be a lot of piranhas around here and that's pretty much it wait well oh, that's cool alright I do some serious damage though so this actually might work well so we'll just chill here and oh hey okay sweet thanks guys and back the chilling hahaha oh there's a lamprey. On me that's. Great hey hey what the you get the up here that's my lamprey all right lamprey let's just chill here, for a second oh oh I got a snake on me I got a snake on me that's not good okay let's get you know what definitely want. To get back into the water with the snake he's got to let go or he is going to have a bad time so there. We go and now we bait him oh oh snake free snake meal oh I'll never mind I'll take this. Meal instead but he want my delicious ball anybody any, takers ah probably going to be a piranha here's Johnny oh man the problem is there's only piranhas down here alright. So I do have an oxygen bar so this guy plays like totally differently Oh you don't want to get that ball buddy. Yep told you you didn't listen to me alright here comes some more free. Free food for me oh god the snake is the only thing that's actually scary oh are you kidding me get the, out of here with that trying to kill a good old snapping turtle here okay snapping turtle help me okay so let's go. Get nope yeah see you later nope all. Right next up Oh God increases HP region of all nearby swamp animals use your boost to heal 50% of Mac's life so we're a manatee all right. So that's why that guy was healing so much before so I probably do a serious amount of damage here I'm. Actually going to go to the river with this guy because I feel like I don't think he does too much damage let's try yeah he only does. 80 so he's not a damaged character but he does have his own sail field so he's, extremely defensive all right so really all you can do with this character get the hell. Off this is my zone now is just chill here and eat as much no stopping me in the butt you stupid frog get the , down there you go that's what you get okay Oh God just got to get up and, yeah ride this river so as long as we don't go down too low we should be okay because.

There's a lot of sharks and creepy down there oh no don't do that to me piranha oh okay another one. Jumped inside me there we go we're okay there's a lot of fighting going on down below though so I'd rather, stay up here mind you it's another Maine manatee so we kind of own the river here. There we go there's another product coming down this river edition so freaking cool and here comes. More piranhas I can't kill any of them there we go we got one of them just because of my damage output it's not that good but you can. See I am leveling up so damn quick even, the bugs get stuck in the river and that's some serious XP for me alright but we're about to level, up oh my god I can be an eagle alright that that's not what I want to be though I'm going to be I'm thinking about the crocodile all. These creatures mind you are new we're just killing people as I'm thinking about what to be yeah, the crocodile seems really fun so oh wow that was quick alright use your boost to grab another. Animal shake it while it's in your mouth to do additional damage so you can do the big old, death roll that's why I see people shaken with this guy all the time so we should be pretty much the top of the food chain. Over here now so.

You can see the amount of damage you do there we go that's awesome I love that mechanic alright but finally I feel like I'm getting somewhere I'm not so scared about being, in the swamps anymore because I'm pretty. Much the top of the food chain there we go let's rip them up let's get this girl to screw you guys Oh can review.

On nobody's on my team great thing Bing I'm a crocodile so can I crawl on land oh I can even walk on land definitely, crocodile is one of my favorite characters now just because of how useful this land movement is so we can go around here there's not, many – there's not many frogs unfortunately because the Frog is rather weak but if there was a lot of frogs oh.. We would definitely have a good meal up here so let's just keep going ah yeah crocodile is currently the latest animal so we are at the top of the. Food chain we did it once again guys let's see how big we can get this guy though hey buddy you don't want to be over here trust me, oh no no no you electric eel be okay alright, I see a delicious first place guy I can go and, bother all I would love to take out King Doge he is a pretty high level right now oh god no he's coming for me okay I'm scared I I don't know what he can. Do up there because I haven't played that character too much so we're not gonna risk it alright but let's see if anybody's at. The river waterfall here we got lots of crabs crabs on them on, the food menu tonight ooh ooh ooh ooh there we go come on good luck guys. Get their guy there we go we got to get. The out of my oh you bum you freakin bathroom you stole my frickin kill alright god now the snakes on me everything is going crazy here this is absolutely crazy over here there we go, let's uh let's get some of these, guys there we go rip them up rip them up up many okay let's get some air here we need to get my salad cell entity up this river system though is a major, predator I mean there's just always people over here so let's go over and say hi again and oh look at that, there we go we got another one come here oh god. There's two in my mouth yes this is this is what I'm talking. About oh yeah I am I am owning up this place get the frig out of here you manatee okay the manatee actually probably can kill me because his heels are so good so oh. God I don't got a boost I don't got a boost okay release everybody's going for me everybody hates the, prime predator alright I, need to get a boost though because I need to get my salinity up so let's go to the skies and back hey oh hey there a little cool fairy thanks for that buddy, all right let's go see it's a, man guys up here again because I would like to pay him a little visit he definitely over oh yeah there he is so we've got oh he, just chilled here and then freakin kills people it looks like there we go come on come on bro oh yeah. They're working together so I got to get the, out of here I'm probably going to die right now off the bastards got me 23 minutes and 55 seconds with 41 kills that's not, too bad more than one a minute all right guys we're going to wrap up this episode. Of GPIO here I hope you guys enjoyed this one checking out the swamp biome man there's so much new stuff to this game I, would obviously like to do another episode if you guys do enjoy this let me, know in the comments below because there's so many other animals we didn't even get a chance to check most importantly the bald eagle so, I don't know what special ability he has but that's something of, interest as well so I hope you guys enjoyed this one as always thanks for watching and. Liking guys and I'll see you in the next one Oh .