But a Marlin I don't know man here we go alright well here we go Oh Marlin down hello everybody great Subways and we're back with more deep they should add more and, more ease every time they update this game they'll make this game a lot like a lot this is probably one of the most updated IO. Games I've seen and in fact it's probably one. Of my favorite IO games that there is because there is just so many things now in this game they just came out with five new oh. Boy they just came out with five new critters we got, the Remora hold on while I try and flip and do around here we got whale all. Over the place oh wow hold on it doesn't that person have over a million points what am I going to do I can't be on this, server this with terrible idea we're going to try this anyway though so they added five new creatures we got, the Marlin we got the lamprey we got the polar bear we got the whale. Shark and we've got the how do I say it the the troll ish cousin of what was formerly, the most magnificent roll of the Seas the seagull we now have the Pelican because oh God mother. Of Jesus Jodi what do you do it baby that don't feel like being on Satan's server anymore so now we're on this server so one of the things, that the lamprey does is you can attach yourself to almost anything and when you. Do you get a portion of whatever they get when they eat stuff so like if we if we attach ourselves to the fluffle over that's a fantastic name if we attach ourselves to the, fluff below we can go get a sandwich or something like that as this poor bastard goes along the, floor of the sea here and gets tons, and tons of delicious green motes of energy lumpy metal biggest dude on the server at 1.8 million points so good for them, I change servers and there's still people around here with Virginie points get up fluff elope this is kind of cool because like it's really weird because it's a. Good creature but, there's not really much for you to do so like you just kind of sit back and let everyone else do work for you I a lamprey really is like the drag the drag. Of the SeaWorld here because all that they do is just, feed off of the efforts of everyone else and did I mention the whale shark I can't, remember if I mention the whale shark I don't know there's a whale shark though that's actually what I want to be I haven't really, been that yet I'd like to see if I could get there the polar bear is also pretty sweet oh hi there buddy oh don't, mind if we dance the polar bear is also really sweet because they can throw freaking snowballs at people and it stuns them and they're also, a, pretty damn tough it is time it is time to turn into the best creature in all the land let's quit yes the squid oh that was a big critter whatever that was over there the squid basically just, runs along the floor here grabbing all this that's like when we when we land, prayed that squid this is all I have is a little tell Google they're telling kids are kind of unusual they pick people up. With their webbed feet and then they die in the air because they suffocate it kind of. Sucks the shallows over here I've been pretty good to me. So far it's kind of won and rub whoa that was a beaver come out of nowhere yay my favorite creature in all the land the seagull you've always know how I, feel about the freaking seagull this is like probably my most hated creature to be I think because the life, of a seagull is a detestable. One indeed oh there's no other seagulls around here this is actually going to be fairly good then because I think all we're going to have to do is just kind of strafe, along the old aisle in here all alone pick up these delicious, fruits that's all part of a balanced diet your while I'm lying beavers always with the flying beavers man I can't I don't know I've. Got a couple episodes of deep I don't know if you guys know but every. Time I'm a seagull there's flying beavers every damn time it's like these beavers grow wings no matter what server they're on and want a piece of my. Beach ass and quite frankly I'm tired, of it oh there's the squid down there letting let loose with it sink we got the giant squids and stuff do, I told you man there's like 400 freaking animals in the game now old world will leave the little diesels. Grab it all blueberries you boys know how it is there is something big hanging out over there oh there's the whale shark that's what. I want to be yes my whale shark brethren there's. Marlins too I think that the Marlins I think the Marlins can attack each other I think the whale sharks can attack each other too all right so now we can pick between a, pelican and that thing man screw being a pelican being a pelican sucks we're, going to be a Rea this is way better oh, god there's huge creatures all over the board at least you can hide like this I think I think we could go down to there was like some, giant a squids down here though I'm not sure how I feel about this everything seems to be okay so far. Nothing going on nothing unusual everything seems alright a lot of people talking on this server a lot of chatty individuals on this server yeah the way is definitely the way, to go you get food and such way way quicker. I mean being a pelican is fine I guess but it's it whoa God hold on hold on this is the terror of, the salsa I'm not real good at Spanish but oh. They're gonna kill one another huh oh wow oh god go away the terror of the salsa just got blasted that was that's just the. Oddest name I've ever heard of in my life the terror of the salsa man raised for life this is way better than being a pelican got pelicans, are just god-awful oh here we go now we can pick one of these two we are going to be a, beaver because it's beaver if ik I kind of like the beaver here plus, if we want to go for Oh God if we want to go for the creature that we want. To go for which is that hideous whale thing over there I'm sorry. Buddy which is that hideous whale shark thing over there I think that we have to go to the beaver pass I'm pretty sure, you have to go beaver penguins ah then you got to do the seal and then I think from seal. You get to pick the thing what in the hell is that maybe more beaver dams one of the things that I have to get good at is the Oh, Lord Almighty that's what I'm talking, about okay let's kind of hang out in here we got to start moving across the board here because we need to pick the penguin so let's see if. We can do this without getting Jacka kated now these areas get on my way boy now these areas over here do not give, us any kind of hiding space and we have a long long road ahead of us hold I want. To go ahead okay I was going to say let me go ahead. And hide in there but it looks like our buddy Oh God get away from me seagull, what is wrong with you you freaking following me boy looks like he's following me too much okay there are a lot of really angry, things over in this part of the water there's a freaking shark over here there is a giant squid over here I don't like any, of this quite frankly we bird should have a war with the. Fish because having tree because we are treated correctly oh you're so right all right penguins it is. So we are now a penguin but we got to watch out for the polar bear because. I'd lie under stand the polar bears will beat your ass in a heartbeat plus they can stun you which I'm not really that happy about I'm going to try and get. As much loot over here as I can my main hope, is that there isn't that many polar bears over here quite frankly the polar bear should treat the Penguins. Pretty good we're all buddies aren't we yeah we're probably not so far so good out crap so. Friggin Narwhal or something over here yeah look at this guy right over here hold on you know he can go all I'm gonna say man I just wanted I just wanted to hop. Out of the water but instead like. A rocket ship I went flying six billion miles now it's pretty interesting for a flightless bird this penguin can really hustle man we're picking up some decent XP over. Here I'm all alone except with this guy what do you say I go to school something or other there's something over there how's our, uh how's our point soon oh we're number seven on the leaderboard, isn't that nice got to move up in this way over here we've got, 33% left oh there's a lot there's a Narwhal thing again what the hell it is got a little bit more XP here. Before we're done was it say 32 31 I do like the lava you know I'm a big fan of drinking lava whenever I can it's very it's packed full of vitamins. And it's also high in fiber all right so.

Now we get to pick one of these I think we want to be this creature right here you're as fast as a penguin but much deadlier hey there buddy. I feel real bad about this real bad real bad hold on here well you know that is coming Oh gray, wants to say hi Oh gray wants to say I don't you freakin get away from me. Don't you get away from me I just want to talk oh and my talk I mean eat you. Well the votes are in I'm a scumbag I'm so in third, place but I'm still a scumbag can I eat these oh I can cool. We can get the red chunks that's kind of nice life is a seal it's hard because pretty much your job is, to kill everything that's not you over here in the frigid waters of Antarctica or the North Pole or wherever the hell we are got nine. Percent left another penguin down here there's another penguin down here you are going to get, yourself freakin in a world of hurt and pain if you don't yeah you get the hell out of here boy this is all this is my red goo all of my red goo, in fact now we're going to, be done with red goo in just a second here hold on now hold on. Now and oh look Evan there's this creature and I don't know yeah I'm gonna say I don't know if this is like a temperature thing but it sure is so now we are the whale shark Oh God now. We are the whale shark I've never had. These little these little morose or whatever the hell they are over oh, they're cold like drones or something aren't they still says temperature what's it what's the friggin deal with the temperature now as a whale shark what is my job is it just to like attack, and eat everything that's not me or like are there certain people that I should. Be going for can I eat the people yep can sure eat the people now we can't jump as I remember it. Looks like my little guys are healing slowly but surely over time. That's kind of interesting so we're number four on the leaderboard I guess this point now that were the whale shark I should look for things to kill so there was one thing. I don't really know if that was worth it but he got in my way so now he's dead. Oh that is giant a. Squid that is a giant a squid giant a squid why would you do this to me giant a squid why would. You do this to me get away from me you scumbag giant a squid what tell you as what happens when, the two behemoths of the sea go up against one another who does anyone really come out on top no it's just it's just, a friggin slobberknocker and the only people that make out are the tax collectors I guess I'll eat this penguin damn penguin suit baby penguin suit, third place let's go eat this person too it's interesting that Lake no matter what you are in this. Game your end goal is to eat people like that seems like oh I can't say. Yo dirty scumbag where did you go ah okay there let's see if, we can kill this thing hold on boom boom boom Oh blaster cated I'm going to tell you having these little heat-seeking cruise missiles around are pretty damn good now as long as we, don't come into what okay there's another now as I understand it we can't hurt one another but I'm not looking that whale. That whale is just hanging. Out over there oh hat or or whatever your name is I've got my heat-seeking missiles on. You now I'm assuming that my little guys here can't go flying out of the water that would probably. Be broke as hell we're in the shallows over here boys we're in the shallows oh that guy what what goes up oh man did not know I'm gonna say what goes up must. Come down we got to make sure to get plenty of these at all times oh that of the Marlin Marlins are. Pretty damn tough I don't know if I wanna tangle with a Marlin can I take a Marlin. I mean we're we're the. Top of the food chain as well right boys I mean what's but a Marlin I don't know man oh here we go alright well here we go Oh Marlin down and we are in second place did not, know all mandeecees are like cruises Oh squid, or not squid jellyfish doubt oh oh man we got oh yeah you run it's better that, way Oh beaver Oh beaver Oh beaver you better freakin jump beaver you better jump my last cruise I like I'll crap I don't have enough cruise missiles. For this beaver I'll have enough cruise missiles for this beaver yes get to the beaver dam beaver you don't want none of this. Oh well I want to get this person here maybe that'll give me a drone over here oh yeah we are full, up on drones and we're in second place that's pretty cool Oh lamprey yes lamprey hang on to me, you're going to want to. Hang around with me oh that dolphin almost got obliterated this is my new favorite creature this is my new favorite creature Oh Oh God. Effing oh we are just we are vicious now the guy ahead of us has like a million points. So there's like no way I'm ever gonna catch up to him right Oh beaver Oh beaver Oh beaver uh okay so we can't kill a beaver in one stroke. With our drones we we need to we need to soften them up first and then, I think you can get them but as long as we have all four drone fart smells like poop you sir are. Going to want to get to a dam yeah there you go buddy oh this guy this guy yes, Oh are they our drone I keep on one to call them lampreys our drones can jump, out of water that's kind of interesting oh man that was a good was that guy's name I don't even. Want to know Oh Pelican Pelican oh okay oh we'll go whoa hold on Marlin hold on Marlin oh there's a dolphin over there I. Don't know if I want any of that especially when we. Don't have all of our drones prepared now he was softened up so it is there is the potential that we could have won that engagement but let me go. Ahead and kill this crab real fast man I used my I shouldn't have used my mice my missiles, for that that was a bad use of missiles right there because now we are like significantly down on firepower we're a lot like. A battleship or something oh right right over, here yeah Bob you freaking run you run boy hold on now let me. Get let me just kind of linger around you and get my last little cruise missile here there we go this Pelican is really wanting a brush with des I'm so, sorry I am so sorry crab that that was not my intent my intent was not to eat you, my intent was eat the Pelican but the Pelican is I'm hoping, flying away far far away gallows still in first place I'm gonna mess around for a little bit to see if we can get. A little bit higher here oh boy Oh buddy Oh buddy hold on hold on Oh got him got him. I got a flip-flop off here got a foot flap off there we, go again yes 629 thousand boys I think we've done enough to the point now where I'm just going to start searching out the biggest people on the server because at this, point we've seen the gameplay of this thing this is this is my new favorite creature in the game right. Now this thing is freaking amazing like it is pretty much a sure win as long as well how do I say it like if you're, if you're on if you're already on top of the engagement you basically one hold on ah oh, this Marlin this Marlin and marlin just got crushed oh man seven Oh this Orca hold on well you know what I'm gonna let. The Orca go because I owe crap hold on yes Eagle go ahead. And run buddy because the orcas are kind of, a pain in the ass I would say most of the times I play the game the orcas are what I died you actually what am I do I care about man let's. Just friggin go for if we die we die we're in. Second place how much more do we want there's a guy named killer keemstar he has to die I have decided this I don't know how we're going to kill him but I feel. Alright or, he'll just fly away by killer keemstar we found killer keemstar guys I tried to eat him for. You I couldn't get there all we just killed him what by accident I don't even know what happened I was blinded by freakin ink. And then someone just died who did you see that right there that Orca thought about coming after us because we were damaged but then he ran away the other way oh hold on hold, on hold on oh. I can't see I can't see I'm attacking something I think I I don't even know I think my critters are going over there oh they're all dead they. All died oh god oh god we are we are substantially injured right now and we have. None of our drones up there we go the drones are coming back. Quick go boy you better I did not want to do that okay I'll open that lamprey we just attached to us get helping out a little, bit sorry crab did not mean to do that all right let's go tangle with the Orca oh man this Orca is like the most acrobatic Orca that. Ever was oh there's a wily combat going on over here with the. Squid in this ray I don't know if this ray wants a piece of that oh yeah I'm going. To go ahead and break this up I'm going to help you out buddy yeah Malaysia it got time for your BS hold on. Here I go to school by. Bus all right well let's see how you feel about that Wow everything does run from us this is pretty cool man I don't think I've. Ever had cosmic power like this before dead well all right here's what we're going to do I'm, going to try and go find whatever whatever I can find that strong and if I can get into eldest Eagle has to die though hold on this Eagle has to die oh there's nothing, there seagull there's nothing there for ya buddy there was nothing there for you. But pain and sorrow okay a seagull is not really the most powerful thing I'm, going to try and go find the most powerful thing but if I come across, anything like that that just like waves me down and says eat me that I'm going to try and eat it all that beaver almost got nailed we had them down, to Lake I don't even know man like a tenth of their normal, health and they just barely got away I have no idea where geez Bose is what is this penguin doing over here I'm going, to try and find jeez both I don't know what our guy shows up sorry Jesus I don't know what they.

Are though and I don't know where they are I, think they might be the giant squid just hanging out on the bottom of the ocean if so it kind of sucks cuz I can't get down there, hey Lampre here come here come here lamprey come here Matthew here here attach yourself to me go right there come. There you go buddy alright go help this guy out a little bit maybe got a squid or a tall penguin actually I'm gonna.

Let that penguin go I'm gonna go ahead and get, that right there oh oh oh my god no the guy that was hitching a ride with us I accidentally kill them oh. Man but yeah I think that that's true I think that Jesus is the guy at the bottom of the ocean alright let's see if there's anything else more. Powerful Oh seagull Oh Oh seagull no I say no but I held down the left click now you have to. Hold down the left click to use your drones they're like and then, they kind of like slowly plastic ate the living crap out of people it's a really unique I.

Kind of like it I I do feel I wonder if this thing is Opie though like there's just no sharks, around or anything for me to get into a scrap with I haven't oh there's well hold on there's a whale right there how. Does well feel battle list how does whale feel about all this that whale turned and ran baby that whale turned and ran. Now that you don't see very much of so the whale cannot suck us in which is which is. Appropriate that would be stupid if a whale could freaking suck us in or something like that so the, whale is mostly good for smaller creatures but as the whale shark we are like the Titanic killer oh wow they are jellyfish. Another jellyfish another jellyfish oh and a seagull. This seagull over here better fly away better fly away jellyfish is going to get blasted jellyfish just got blasted I want to get into a scrap of. That whale oh I want to see if that whale is still over here because I hold on an orca oh. There's a whale hold on I think we could get them oh man we're just just barely can't get enough power on the. Dude he's we got him down oh crap we don't have our uh we. Don't have our missiles here we need to get our missiles like down big time right now. We are we are substantially weaker without them come on we have one come on baby can you stop grabbing all the stop, you stupid creature I put it okay let me go grab this crab this crab will give me alright maybe it. Won't give me anything I was gonna say the crab will give me the ability to. Get the rest of my drone there we go two drones that's out crap okay the whale doesn't want any that's good this guy doesn't. Want any that's good fighting against the whales like a war of attrition that well. We are a whale but we're whale shark but fighting against our real well it's like it's like a freakin war of attrition because we just butt heads until. Someone runs well, usually it's them because we have the river here over here now if we can corner this guy I think we're going to do okay hold on ah oh die die, already oh we can get him down to have hell we just can't finish.

Him off Oh we're number one on the leaderboard I just saw that gills or whatever his name is goomy there we go oh man all that meat and we, didn't get any additional drones come on man well that's it boys, we are now the most powerful whale shark on the whole server here so yeah I think we've pretty much done everything we came to do I'm trying to attack other dudes. All right I've been wandering around for a while everything.

Is just kind of running from me so I guess we'll retire is number one on the leaderboard we got to see the whale shark and I. Think that the whale shark is probably like the most okie creature at, least when it comes to killing other big creatures because remember like when, the Marlins tangoed with us like we crushed the Marlins and even when the whale tangoed with us they had to back off and. Run away same thing with the orcas I'm pretty sure as well but yeah being a, whale shark is amazing and I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of G even till next time stay foxy much you .