Hey or am piglets welcome back to another episode of a deep duck I oh man there are a lot of. People playing today wait there's no one on that server maybe I don't know let's go let's go with uh let's go with. Dallas yes what's the difference between Dallas in Texas I don't know Dallas it is let's go oh hey, I made it I mean okay so we can start up what I wanted to do today was play with the piranhas but I, wanted to try some other stuff I just wanted to explore a little bit and see what has changed because I have heard things who is one of those things we have heard that. There are a few neat things that have, happened to the ocean it is come out of beta now what not the ocean the, swamp so like the warp ball I get old guys the waterfalls kind of been released and stuff like that so the full version the game now oh look here's the here's the. Waterfall about there's there's food underground – that's kind of cool oh yeah there's like a little, tunnel here alright so there's a waterfall and a ball tunnel Oh little died okay we can go up here, I want to see what the, waterfalls like – whoa okay what stop stay wait wait you're quiet there we go we can turn into the, land play already oh nice we can just click it – what I got it I got I got probably don't want to be on him though oh how did I take. Damage oh that's weird yeah we got a full-on waterfall – that's awesome we, I'm gonna die okay so it's kind of difficult to start up there I always like going to, the deep water and I want to check out how many people are down here since. The deep water it seems like it's a patch for the swamp so might not be too many people down a. Deep or a roll in the deep there's a rate and we could turn into a king crab very nice Nate what. Was that another king crab believe the lava why does lava bubbles float you think that like liquid rock would be kind of heavy yep it really is I got ahead of everyone we, got all the little yellow bubbles I don't remember seems. Like every bubble has a different plus and a minus like some of them increase your health faster and some of them are just better for XP yeah this is pretty nice down. Here in the deep there's not. Too many people down here says oh hello we're going stay away from you, I could turn into a deep-water Prague I want to do that okay fake bliss is ready to go are you coming this way perfect this is real good come up here and read some more of.

The volcano bubbles a lot of xp for, the volcano bubbles that's a lot what's that thingy bark ah just take a look now I think the deep water jellybeans can go over in the Arctic, area yes you can we don't get any cold poisoning in here hey hello little fellas hey there's. A worm and we could turn into a ray ray squid it's good muttering wait a minute is that an orca in the Arctic and already. We turn into a flying seagull when doing this, I really don't like these guys too much I really don't see cold cold you know the cold you know the cool all great I'm gonna die how would I die, I just do come on stop stop. Is okay okay and there we go was it cold Oh or calf do you see that trick adoption what is this coconut wait a minute there's coconuts when did those get put, in the game, I haven't seen those before hi-yah oh my face wait that poopers that oh oh mom get rekt I've been them in the tail that orcas gonna try to eat me get almost guarantee it maybe not maybe not, nice this is a good one all to myself I'd like to go down in the water and get the, orange ones. To like come down in here grab the orange ones and then we can turn over oh we could go straight we can risk it. We can risk it yes but you're as well and now we come back up – that's pretty good we can do a nice little circuit – round I still don't know, what are supposed to. Eat these coconuts I'm assuming they're coconuts or they don't know what him no that's kind of weird oh it's a stonefish he's gonna try to eat me ha ha bad stonefish this level, is very dangerous there's a sperm whale down there there's. Like this don't fish that's flying around somewhere he's actually flying it's kind of weird, oh there we go let's do the ring ring now we can go back down to the deep water I like to stay. Away from people and looks like the deep is where nobody really is so let's try going after flappy ducks wow it's a lot lower than I'm used to oh no I totally missed please, and I ate a bunch of poop I don't think I ate the, coconuts that were on that um let's try come on yes. There we go and pow okay oh that's pretty good that's pretty good decent flappy combo oh nice that was awesome hey hello frog thing oh I'm gonna go back to the, left we're gonna flop around and we're gonna try to eat there we go tonight let's go up there let's see up nope nope. Hey hello I still can't eat those what are you doing I'm gonna go I'll get on my way hey, no I. Want to eat that damn yeah oh yes there's some flappy ducks I don't understand why a beaver is eating ducks but whatever oh that would have been good I was a 23 a, little bit too slow though let's, try to fly on the other way again oh that's pretty good I can't get the angle racing oh pretty good oh no oh no definitely a bad idea the deep water oh wait a second no. Bad oh no oh no trying to fly on it hey. Bad bad Orca bad Orca bad worka no cool yeah I gotta go it oh yes yes thank you thank, you for saving my bacon nope nope nope nope in the Hawking of all time alright I can go free now and this is, doing a lot of big people in this today kind of surprised um let's. See word we're fine let's go back this way oh that's pretty good pretty. Good level oh look at all long yeah that's awesome okay now we can be we can be a turtle let's be a snapping turtle put your head on. The floor to come to the visible spawn bait can we fly. Yes we can fly flying nothing Turtles oh I totally missed it that's all right don't bad idea bad it bad bad hammerhead I totally need to get this swamp those, kind of bed – oh hello eagle oh I would almost have the eagle know it have been good oh I made it. In the swamp I made in the swamp yes and there's piranhas and junkies and swamp there's a snakey snake hello promising Wow how, do i how do I do this – bit hello snake Oh, dirty my gertie it was awesome whoa hello what was that all about little bit of a leg up on us ah here we go here's, how to level up we, and I like this I like this new thing underneath here – you have the waterfall and then. You have this other area you can swim under that's pretty cool and I can just sit here and filter-feed until the beaver comes down, then we can go after the beaver oh yo yo I want to eat the yo-yo you're gonna fly oh, good little tap hello frog what hello ohh ohh that was dirty I just ate an entire pod of piranhas I was totally not expecting to become a manatee today. But whatevs whatever we'll do it we'll do it anyway hello manatee I'm a manatee hello other manatee will, you be my friend big manatee I'm. Here don't worry I'm here I will still defeat Wow I've almost leveled up hey does yo-yo again do yo died uh-oh boom get up there ah yep oh you got me yo-yos at me.

We're gonna sit right here until we're fully leveled up and then we, can turn into anything I was not what I wanted to do. I guess if we die is the big fish we should try the alligator again because it did get fully updated Oh dirty what oh oh, there's alligator job jump jump jump jump jump – jump jump there we go Crockett Crockett Gator not an alligator – crafty Gator now I'm the max, level how am I fake blitz is number eight awesome uh-huh are you trying, to get away from me oh that's kind of cool it got boosted a little bit sometimes it's kinda bad oh they're giant humanity can I eat the manatee, I can't yeah, I heals himself so that's the problem to managing go away go away now I think I could dive in bite and shake diamond right shake dive in bite shake oh I gotta. Go sit over there you know there ha get eaten fish get eaten fish ah ha ha what a fight you get the dead of, them. And put you better but you know I got another entity that was cool hello jellyfish this thing is absolutely dominating, oh I'm second on the leaderboard already how did that happen that's awesome what I kind of wish this guy could walk across lands though maybe he can he didn't. Used to I don't think oh man it is awesome look I can just eat the fly to mosquitoes or whatever they're all gonna eat him I'm, a neat. Name oh he got away all right down in the water I go anyone around that guy's name is sparkling anus that's disgusting alright let's see if anything is filtering down here anything sitting in the water, I'm gonna eat it if they are oh no it's here nobody is in there. What hello I'm gonna we're gonna eat you all up frog I'm gonna eat the Frog I'm eat frog no no no no oh oh. No can't get, anything there this thing is this is fun I like this guy now hello oh I'm getting mauled getting mauled Oh dirty these, guys are getting destroyed okay so it's a little bit easier now oh don't you dare don't you dare kill panda ha yeah you.

Try and get away now huh well I'm going to eat you up okay oh that guy just attached to me and I can live. With myself openly do this right here this is the place to just, cancel everything besides they come down the waterfall and then you're right here and you just devour them plus you get a ton of just real points. Oh it's like that guy already copped on uh if you get a level up and then once, your levels up near jellyfish I'm going to eat him oh hello frog I the Frog here I'm gonna practice doing a guy's thumb and that guy, just clamp it on like crazy.

Now we're going to swim up the water and we'll come back oh hello hello what what what that was right. That was perfect this is the place to be hello jellyfish I told you the jellyfish is. Gonna come up and then we get some sides in there that's great stuff that is really great no bad bad this is perfect perfect hey cliff look at that almost a million points already is. The crocodile this is not what I wanted to do in this video at all by the way I really wanted to, play with the piranhas whoop. I clamped on clear this I found a group of piranhas down here oh we got away I got ya come on Pete they, were trying to be sneaky oh he left me they were trying to finish up all the. Stuff that I missed I'm just camping right here and they're trying to eat all the extra food I was coming down and, I was not letting that happen although that's a really good idea I just like camping. Out right here waiting for things to come down the waterfall I like that day oh come come your report yeah yeah oh 'durty like durty those awesome oh man people, are trying to steal my points I sit and write down. There hello frog dedenne dedenne attack it right oh really really is that how it's gonna beat that how it's gonna. Be mr. piranha oh I got another one come on down come on down ha ha ha oh no oh I miss him I, miss him now can we get on get up please hello turtle I just jumped over, the trail yeah oh wow yes shake oh you flew up in the air ha, ha got me get get uh I got a turtle that was due breezy me in the water from the lily bed hello frog you always just jumped right in my mouth hello squiggly name Oh a huge. Manatee Oh, come at any other than get you cut up did you cut up though I don't want you I want, oh I want the manatee what I want to eat the manatee I'm stuck oh come here come here manatee oh no no no no no oh yeah Edom Edom tickle tickle good bark bark I, done got oh, come on cut opee oh he does know you can heal himself come on bump up keep him bump II oh there it is, there it is come on I don't think I can get mr. Dell tur shoot I got yalter again ah no no no no no no no no nope nope nope ah yeah a trick. You took you oh hello other group of brothers oh. Good now be good well got it we got him I got sick I think I think I'm gonna drown him drown no the snake okey but, in here he's gonna drown yes I got him to go good stuff that was really good okay and. Fouled and get that good to avocado so not the avocado what does it call seagull yeah that's. Great word my printer is going speaking of which I have a someone, coming to fix my air conditioning coming up in like two minutes so I'm gonna have to gagarin this guy gonna I'm gonna have to go, afk here oh it's right here so I'm gonna. Go afk right here and I'll be back in just a little bit hopefully I'm still alive so that took a little bit longer than expected okay so I got one point four five million points and. That's kind of cool let's try it let's try it again I want, to do the piranhas hey it's broken there we go now we're going to try the piranhas out now the, product is a little bit different you you level up to multiply and use your boost to go faster so you get more and more and more, prawns man there are a lot of green berries here look at.

All these cranberries okay now we'll hit to what look like what happened to my other piranha what happened to my other piranha friend I just level them up, what happened to him I guess that doesn't work and there, we go that's weird hello frog dead hey this is kind of neat I haven't played one of. These in quite a long time so there's probably some big changes that occur although I mean you know all Danny do Diamond hello fine ah. Yes yes yes get that and we get number three oh no we have this is kind of cool I think. You can get up to nine, piranhas so we'll try it and try to get the best we can to get all nine of piranhas friends no no no no not allowed to eat my fur on us that dude's. Got 4 million points that's where the highest I've ever seen in the game oh, let me just get ah coming at you boy nope glad you boys come on up you oh no nope let's take him let's take all this to be, easy God I got him oh yes I got most of them anyway that's, kind of cool because oh we can mess these guys up ah ha ha well called ba ba ba. Ba ba ba Oh motor boost Amata boosts I'm a little faster though I'm a little faster ok. No no no don't don't jump away on me don't you follow me it's a trap oh I got oh, I can't kill him is this what kind of cool you can spread out a little bit wow this is fun here we go oh he turned into, a seagull is gonna eat him frog frog 2 button frog oh oh oh there we go holy crap EPOC yes, yeah well drop and we need a feminist good job and another frog oh that probably just blew. Up in his face ha ha oh he's, gonna wait from there we go there we go take him out take them down take them down take them downtown take them down come out after I'm stuck away again those. Guys are a little bit difficult to kill I, was going to disappear you know what we can we can piranha fie you two students don't know ha all he snuck away oh nice yes try to hide now try to. Hide now your nerd yeah yeah. What do you think of that you think it tag him up attack him I can't get him oh that's not good look stay away from those you've got like 8 and. I've got four that would have been bad news, Oh an alligator will stay away from him Crocs Gator I don't remember if there's an alligator ah I don't know nope oh you just ate one of me, here we go there we go I'm gonna eat them oh yeah well. Done done done done piranhas attack again get him back up attack a bit nope Hey look are you another piranha. Me I ate one I hate him there we go oh I'm gonna get you, frog I want to cut them off so stay away from those guys stay away from the chuka barcode, through to cook whatever nameless we're up to like six now that's kind of cool this is what oh, there's a big one I think you can get a max of nine no go away go away oh really Oh a little bit of lag in there okay surround him nope that didn't work why are those., What is wrong with those two hey friends come on come on there we go i freed them something's happening up here look I got I. Got oodles yeah yeah oh no no no no no no no no what happened oh I. Got them our die energy that one more time that's kind of cool I start with four that's awesome you don't. Get totally dead dunno what that elated killa five there we go take that guy out take him out oh nice and we're just gonna chill on this guy – oh you're. Gonna try to eat me that's. Too bad cuz I am going to eat you and I'm gonna get me another another one of him I'm gonna take these guys Oh uh-huh yes, that's a big puddle that's a big puddle take them down take them down nice that was awesome I'm stuck yeah out it get Wow that's nuts okay go, go oh I got turned into a log Kate turn it afford there we go oh, come on hey hey hey hey hey take out that oh. This is a big mess a big piranha mess what's happening I don't know oh oh oh oh am i doing it I do it hey wait wait what's going on.

Here there's so many piranhas like oh I got it it was me I don't know I, did the win about six again those. Guys are slow that's okay hi-oh and seven you can no longer collect the bottom tables that's awesome and they've done a lot of thought into this that's cool so at seven I'm doing a lamprey stuck, on one of them how do we, get rid of him no it's gonna leggy shoot nope bad bad alligator bat whoop yeah whatever I'm getting away I'm getting away you can't touch this alright that was good I wonder how many, it. Takes oh let's go get this best name ever down here we coming in Oh turn on up guy turn on him nope here's a mess I got a like these big battles oh, he's eating one of me wait wait, I think oh okay he got away okay I don't know I think I lost a guy Oh take him take him oh, yeah no no no nose right that's my kill yeah oh no I'm disappearing I got five still what all I was gonna mess him up I got I guess 500 go go go go. Yeah that was awesome now we. Got six again what are you doing okay okay we can we can dance and play we can play your. Into your games is that what you want to do let's go over the waterfall just because I want to know what happened got everyone going whee Oh mess it up well I'm, gonna get in there I want to get in there oh yes yes I got, it I got I got the crocodile who know about eight wait. We can just chill here can't we oh this is cool now there's a big swarm now these guys it's a trap it's a trap I'm gonna eat them I'm gonna eat. Them all I got more it's a trap oh yes wait wait wait we got it you got to keep eating gotta. Keep you know there's one left there he is there you give, me that loot yes and then these guys oh, this is so much fun the paratus warm now I think we're going to hit nine pretty soon now are we on the list puts our XP 580,000 okay now that might be it, no we can still get higher huh I don't like being here though oh I do not like it now I'll get away go, away go away Cracow I got out my face no wait lose some I lost one shoe oh oh yes. Did I go back up at eight and that's good now, I'm not in the salinity anymore am i okay this is the swamp can't really tell the difference where the swamp, isn't where it's not I guess we are in the swamp because of the the roots bug this is this is the, spirit of Texas this is what we need to do man hey don't you dare come into my this is me. I've claimed and claims a bottomless feeding part to myself oh I am now the biggest I can't get any bigger, I'm a level 10 hello eyes you to drop by this is crazy oh I just need something else, what okay these guys are gone get off what what what what's gone let's go up to the Frog Oh froggy frog we've stuck in, the hole again let's. Try to get out of here whoa all that was messy did you see that that was great okay we're gonna try to, sneak through there oh no no no don't need it oh yeah okay we need to get up and we up what what okay let's get up and then we'll bug trap oh, hello ray hello right squishy ray squishy ray is dunzo man. This piranha is nasty is that me uh I can't tell oh we had a big mess lol wait that was like four groups there that's cool. I'm gonna go take on this gear I think we'll try it, try to get around it okay he got me I just wanted to see if we could do that anyway guys that is going to. Do it for today's video I thought I oh I hope you've enjoyed our swamp ish adventure if you did please do let me know give, me an idea of what you like to see next. Time and keep your stick on the ice okay you you .