Oh come on we're out of we have no stuns in the payments so fast actually hold on there's a beaver there's a beaver. Out here kill the penguin kill the Beavers it's a massacre oh my god the polar bear, is they'll be the giant squid guys are we're back in the deep I oh it has been a while since I played this quit trying to change me she.

I think they are oh well now we're a poisonous jellyfish so we're far less attractive to attack because we poison people and. You know we're having a pretty good time but my goal this time in this episode is to get the polar bear because. I think it's kind of cool now there's a lot more going. On in the Arctic area before oh gosh don't want to hang her mr. beaver here if he gets hungry for. Jellyfish Oh which he is geez we need to hide a. Little a little a little Walt sup bro sup dude get out get out my way these are my resources cards so we are. About to convert now what we convert to next I mean this changes so often but I have found myself playing deep that I owe in, my spare time I think it's one of the most innovative like io games that I have seen so let's get out fly fly fly now there are pelicans, now so we're going to get all the berries these are my berries we're just going to kind of hang, out here. And poop because that's what seagulls do is they poop on everything dude you don't you don't want to hang out here bro oh that was a lamprey Oh God who's attacking my Mike, Seagal friend yo Judy's.

My berries pieces Montana all right we're a seagull if we can get to the surface Oh oh my god oh my god. Oh my god oh my god oh my god that was close okay so we are Seagal I'm staying away, from whatever killed me laptop it is taking me quite a while to get back to the Z it's our Pelican Pelican poop probably a lot more don't they, stop dude I mean you're berry bushes you're berry trees are you mad about it mate. What killed us laughing oh god oh god oh there's a crap hole collar I got. That grab low watch over the Pelican watch out for the flying beavers Oh get off me nuts mate come on come on seagulls stop it let me, be your leader let me be your king let's, go to the Arctic area that was a giant whale flying through the through this guy we're pooping on these guys we're pooping on them well there's a, polar bear okay we do have a little ways till our next one oh.

Look at the word girl girl cool oh man that looked like it was hurting oh we must have hit a jellyfish dang Oh. What's up beaver now we got a we got a we got a Jew come out all, right time to evolve so we just turned into the Pelican use your boost to grab animals crab and below click again to release them what do we have to eat, we can't attack birds and we don't. Eat berries anymore so it's like I guess we got to eat fish in other seafood for all well I tried to oh god run from the shark look at how many, animals there are in the shallows it's kind of nuts so I think actually we could hang out a. Little beaver we could hang out here and poach some of these little creatures what's up guys oh man we should have killed them. But we didn't all right let's get some oxygen and then just dive. Oh shark please run from the shark soap Sharky oh yeah I forgot to call cold call yo let's get him Pelican, oh yeah we'll take that all day oh oh God oh ho look the seagulls can do it – I didn't. Read that Oh beaver he's king of the food chain right now so what's up I think I just ate that. Lamprey I hope I did I mean it didn't give us much but I think this is as good Oh God okay a giant, shark with the Remora on him looks he's I think he went this way oh we got, to be very careful that was very close we're flirting with death it's gotta be careful about the, beavers but it looks like this is Pelican area so yeah pelicans unfortunately think you forget out-of-the-way all God really I don't want to. Go eat that fish and there's this little deep area over here what is that a squid we can hunt squid, oh god that was close that was close another fish fell on my face what's that big guy let's, go kill stuff together we are the same species there's a crab let's, go get the crab I just got to make sure I boosts ready look at him going on the, land you don't know dude you come here come here we're gonna get you actually I'll go this way if my friends going, that way Oh something else just jumped in me did I tell you what we've been having a pretty good luck that must have been a jellyfish because. I'm poisoned right now yeah yo what's up dude oh god it's buddy it's pretty funny come here. Worm I'm, on a rampage oh yeah crab disappeared there's a little fish we should be getting oxygen soon Birds definitely don't swim very, well no no yeah fly and if there's any crabs we're going to dive bomb them but crabs no longer I feel like the beaches are not safe for. Crabs dude we're just massacring crabs we've got good ends meet what's up little seagull bird army join, me in our battle against the sea creatures oh yeah you're, building them huh what's up dude now who to bully it goal goal come on let's get them oh yeah we just wrecked a bunch of sea creatures duh what's that Pelican doing what's up little. Fish jumped over the. Seagull what a touchdown move that was great dude pelicans are ganking this area over here now I'm going to be a beaver next so I got to make sure there's not too many pelicans or other with this, guy – what do you think, you're doing oh my god that was so close we were get out of the way Fox Fox the freaking swordfish was hanging out over here Gold oh that's a beaver yes. He like foxes now a beaver oh man this is this dangerous I feel like this is dangerous because. It's very shallow like if any big predator would have came at. That point oh my god oh my god like all these guys I just showed up saw Shamu flying through the air an orca whale whatever you want to, call Shamu SeaWorld oh you bully me mate okay we don't want to die – that guy that's right he's, going to be a beaver alright let's, just hide here for a second beaver hides in beaver dams also don't forget to hold up your breath also keep close.

To the left side of the map when you are close to leveling up. Oh we do have to migrate then huh rah automobile aah and I'm gonna eat you and I'll just reckon that beat up that oh yeah that was so ok. We got a we got a migrate already up we just ate little things we we we oh my god look like we, just we have to avoid the green circles of God this is gonna be really freaking tough dang Pelican oh my god. I don't want to involve yet we got to evolve to a penguin so we have to migrate, what is it get out of my way fish I'm just trying to get out of here and things are running into me I'm a beaver, on, my migration this is the great migration oh you're kidding me we walked in to catch a lot all right we're the. Penguin oh my god thank goodness now we just have to stay safe penguins live in cold water dude we're, really fast there's a freaking lamprey on my butt now I want to I want to get up look I wanted to get on that the island how do, I do that let's try to build some momentum and just pop up there Shoop there we go now, this lamprey is going to try there's a lamprey on me look. At his little dying get rekt mate oh it's pretty now if I yeah if I can pick it up alright so that's a, tactic pick up lampreys now last time I was over here some leopard seals ate my face off so we're going to, be very careful I feel like the penguin isn't one of the best ones we don't even have like a snowball weapon like the polar bear last time over here I, did see a polar bear though we, got to make sure that we have enough to kind of like get a leap okay we can, bottom feed which is great it doesn't look like Oh God Oh hold on Oh God all right let's just. Hide here because there is a narwhal and he looks really angry go keep going that way Narwhal there's nothing to see here all right now for whatever reason it's kind, of laggy I think it's because there's. A lot of people in this silver right now which would explain why it's taking me so freakin long all right we're gonna bottom. Feed and nobody's over here oh my God look at this it's just alright let's go get some oxygen we don't want to we don't want to over content ourselves we're gonna just follow.

Over. Here and save our boosts and boost up whenever a big fish comes around because we don't want to get eaten and then when. The bottom-feeding is available again and make sure we're good on oxygen just in case we get eaten by. One of the whales and you try this applicators because you just dick don't worry it'll be the biggest we're gonna be. A polar bear Oh get out of here dude narwhals dude freaking narwhals Helen hello didi can you please can you please go away you're gonna get. Bored didi I'm gonna be patient yes we, can be the leopard seal now okay good now unfortunately there's no penguin seat and there's just like a few worms down here. We can't bottom feed anymore as fast as penguin but deadlier okay well that's good now there's just not too many little creatures hanging out, in the arctic area the smallest is usually the is usually a penguin every now and then some stuff comes in but like we've seen. A narwhal that's dangerous so unfortunately there's no Penguins to mess around with which is really a bummer, there's some worm that's what it we're going to see what's hanging out over here I mean people have to be evolving towards you know the Penguins right, yeah nope no more bottom-feeding minutes it's really the beauty of this area right now what the penguin, yeah we have a penguin over here where, are you little bird your little bird man where'd you go with the penguin go now we have something to hunt, when I was a penguin these electric fields were very unforgiving oh I think we got them cornered we got them to hit me that's not good no all right so the good. Thing is there's, actually a fair amount of penguins over here so let's go find them here's one oh look at this leave a little leopard seal as fast as a penguin but did, now it's going to take a little bit of time too the best thing for, penguins to do I've noticed is bottom-feeding so I'm just on, the lookout for them right now that was one of these Oh yo a little all right let's. Get some oxygen oh god it's a gang of them shoot man why is it oh here is all right we got. The oxygen we just got to find him I wonder how soon you how close he is to, leveling up oh we hit him one time there is a gang of penguin man there's a lot of penguins over here Oh God in a, narwhal oh no no no you don't oh shoot it's right there no no no no no no yes we're the polar bear Oh God I, don't think we can fight him though oh look at that can we go through the ice use your. Boost to throw a snowball if it hits someone it will be stunned 4.5 seconds and it's done for half a second yo what's up dude oh look. At that rah I am the polar bear how do I eat this thing like oh, he's nuts all right you know what we're gonna do, we're gonna surprise this penguin he's coming up mm yo e get snowball yo oh no we're out of. Snowballs yeah what's up normal scared the Narwhal scared of me all the polar bear I think I can crawl look at that oh wait, come back come back come back wait let's try this oh oh yes revenge revenge and polar bear is. Currently the latest animal so I that took me so long and we finally. Got revenge because the narwhal got stuck it is amazing so the polar bear stunned let's try to use stun on somebody let's go hunting oh, come come yes he they don't they don't seem to he's gonna try to come here right hello oh come on. We're out of we have no stuns in the Penguins so fast actually hold on, there's a beaver there's a beaver out here kill the penguin kill the Beavers it's a massacre oh my god the polar bear is obese this was so worth it. I died so many times I feel like the penguin in the leopard seal and just the arctic. Area in general like if you're leopard seal there's six penguins you're bone if you're a penguin and there's a bunch of leopard, seals you're boned and then every now and then the big, fishes come over here oh yeah oh and it's kind of hard to hit well what's up little penguin here we're, gonna we're going to die alright three two one and you can crawl through the ice I am Baron von polar bear oh this is just so beautiful I. Love this I love I love deep that I oh it's one of the most innovative games I've. Found so we can't bottom feed there's not a whole lot to do as the polar bear so and we can't really escape the. Polar zone so you're basically, just the top guy in a limited area hey I'm a fool to be a little all along come here come here you guys come here – rawr so we will Ruby killed we've killed a, narwhal we've killed a, penguin and we've killed a beaver we've killed a lot of men and we killed a few smaller fish Marauder oh, hello hello I think you're gonna fall oh he got the other boost is he hiding in me is he hiding, the thing and I wonder if we can hold more oxygen than the other guys come here live a marble Jew oh. We stunned him but yeah it done needs to be longer it's way too short right now but I also like the special ability hey dude oh, this is so fun being a polar bear and you can just get through the ice so you can actually ambush penguins this. Way let's see if. We can't do it but you you have no boost yeah he's already he's already back home although when you're in the ice you get slowed down I, wonder how we're gonna fare against the bigger creatures but I feel if we leave yeah let's do it let's test. It out this has been so good oh gosh the polar bear the beautiful beautiful polar bear killing all of the other animals yeah, but when I was a penguin there weren't any polar bears over here yeah see they can. Even boost out out of the snowball range let's save up and because we are going. To exit the polar region and see what that does to us oh god that's a freaking fish of giant whale let's see let's see, who wins I feel like his attacks oh you almost, died me worm actually wait we can can we go anywhere we're kind of still on the border of.

The polar region oh we can't see me oh hey what's this it's a pelican give the worm haha oh what's up penguin my arch-nemesis wrong to Berenbaum bears baron, von polar bear so what's up little worm you don't want none of this okay let's do this, oh we are not winning this oh we're not gonna win this one oh we died but. That was a great time oh my gosh what a brilliant time deep sigh oh we got to check out the polar bear there's a couple more animals that I want to, check out. I'll see you guys in the next episode thanks for watching .